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  • Fat Loss Tips: Your Environment

    Fat Loss Tips: Your Environment

    Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior. People with high self control tend to spend less time in tempting situations. It's easier to avoid than resist. Making sure you have set up your environment to help you be successful can be extremely helpful. Such as, making sure any foods that you struggle with are either out of the house or stored somewhere that you rarely look. If you spend time with people getting drinks all the time, then you'll find yourself drinking. If you want to cut it out or reduce it, change where you meet to somewhere that is less focused on alcohol. It can also be things such as, if you are wanting to increase your exercise habit, lay ....

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  • Fat Loss Tips: Proper Way to Restrict Calories

    Fat Loss Tips: Proper Way to Restrict Calories

    When it comes to calorie restriction, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. The main goal is not truly restriction, it's actually creating a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit just means we have less calories taken into the body then calories expended. So there are 2 ways to create this deficit. 1) Pick a specific amount of calories to eat that under your basal metabolic rate (BMR) A good range is 500 calorie deficit, this will lead to a 1 lb fat loss a week. I don't recommend going up to a 1000 calorie deficit because it's hard to maintain that low of a calorie range and have energy to workout and function. Use this calculator to figure out what that calorie range would ....

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  • Finish Your Plate!

    Finish Your Plate!

    Child :Mom I’m done, can I go play? Parent :Have you eaten all your food? Child :But I’m full! Parent :Finish your plate, there are starving kids who would love to have that food you are wasting. Have you ever done this? We all have because that’s the way we were raised. At one point we needed to be this way because there was a hard day on the farm ahead or because it might be a while before the next big meal. Unfortunately it is teaching our kids to ignore their natural hunger cues. We are born with the ability to know when we are actually hungry but over the years we train our kids how to not pay attention to that and eat ....

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  • GCP Parking Lot Rules

    GCP Parking Lot Rules

    Hey GCP Family, As our complex has grown we have more neighbors which means more parking issues. We always want to work well with our neighbors, especially since we do use a lot of parking spots at certain times of days. Here is the current best solution for parking at our gym. Please pay attention to the time frames for best parking for your time. MORNINGS 5a / 545a / 630a This time in the morning we have to worry more about parking in the front. SIDE: This is the NORTH Part of the parking lot, this is very empty in the mornings BACK: this is by the garage door ANYTHING TO THE RIGHT OF OUR DOOR 830a 8:30 has some different rules because we can't ....

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  • Fat Loss Tips: A Dash of Obsession

    Fat Loss Tips: A Dash of Obsession

    A dash of obsession is our way of saying, focus on fat loss. The reason we say a dash, is some people can become overly fixated on weight loss or fitness and that's not what we want. Too much of a good thing can go south quickly. But that little dash of obsession is what allows you to lock in, for a long enough period of time for you to get incredible results. Then when you get to that end result, it's just about living the 5 keystone habits we talked about in an earlier blog. FAT LOSS RECIPE : Zucchini Lasagna ....

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  • 8 Dimensions of Wellness

    8 Dimensions of Wellness

    Want to learn about all the different aspects of wellness ? Then be able to apply them to your own life! Game Changing Performance understands how important exercise is for our members. In this seminar, we want to teach the other 8 dimensions of wellness. You will be able to identify the other portions of wellness and be able to apply them to your life. We are all going through things that people do not know about. This information will help any situation that you are in. Becoming more mindful is the key to happiness. Please Come Join the Conversation! DETAILS DATE: Saturday, Sep 18, 10:30a ....

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  • How Important is Breakfast?

    How Important is Breakfast?

    It's 6am, the alarm goes off and you know you have three kids to get off to school for the day. Each one has their struggles in the morning and you know how hard it’s going to be. From getting them up to making sure their lunch is packed, and trying to cook breakfast. After all your hard work in the morning the kids tell you they aren’t hungry and are fighting you tooth and nail to not eat. What do you do? Send them off to school with no breakfast, give them money for a snack there, or send something along with them and hope they eat it. How important is breakfast for young adults and children? If a student has a bunch of classes early, they might not be able to ....

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  • Fat Loss Tips: Consistency

    Fat Loss Tips: Consistency

    Consistency might be the most important word in fat loss. It honestly is the secret sauce. The idea of consistency is being awesome over 7 days at a time, 30 days in a month, 12 months in a year, 40 straight years. I know that sounds daunting but it's the honest reality, you can just be consistent for 5 days a week, for 3 months, every couple years and figure all your fat loss goals will come true. Because they won't. Most likely you won't achieve any fat loss. Quick breakdown of what consistency in fat loss is: 3 strength training workouts a week 3-4 30 min walks/activity on non-strength training days Eating on a meal plan (not a specific one, just your weekly plan you create ....

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  • Supplement Spotlight: Fat Loss Stack

    Supplement Spotlight: Fat Loss Stack

    The star of the show for the month of September is our brand new fat loss supplement stack. Since fat loss (not weight loss) is a very common fitness goal, we have created a bundle of supplements that will help you reach that goal. The reason we are targeting “fat loss” rather than “weight loss” is because “weight loss” includes losing fat, muscle, bone density, and many other things (mostly things we do not want to lose). But the great thing about this stack of supplements is that in addition to helping you lose fat, it also helps build and maintain muscle. The three things in the fat loss stack are: CLA: Increases enzymes that break down fat, ....

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  • Fit for Fall Challenge

    Fit for Fall Challenge

    Get Fit for Fall in 6 short weeks! Beginning September 13th in Mundelein, Game Changing Performance will be launching a 6 week transformation challenge to help local area residents get healthy and feel better.. GCP is looking for participants from across the suburbs to take part in a challenge to change their lives and cut inches. Game Changing Performance will accomplish this feat by combining metabolic training with a habit based approach in nutrition to challenge participants to lose as much weight as they can in a healthy manner. Exercise and nutrition are necessary for achieving results. When we combine nutrition and exercise the results are astounding. Transformation ....

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