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  • Clean and Lean Transformation Challenge 2019

    Clean and Lean Transformation Challenge 2019

    It's that time of year again. Summer has been in full bloom for a few months now, school is rounding right around the corner and its probably been a few months of barbecuesand summer ice cream, right? That's ok, that is all apart of the summer experiences. That's why we created our End of Summer Clean and Lean Transformation Challenge. We know summers can be tough and we have the solution after a long summer. What is the challenge all about? The idea of our transformation challenge is to help you build healthy life habits over the 6 weeks. Through exercise, diet and accountability we hope to improve your overall health, weight loss is usually just an awesome benefit of it! This ....

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  • Spartan Race 2019

    Spartan Race 2019

    The GCP Team completed the Spartan Sprint on June 3rd, 2019. We also had two people run the Spartan Super. If you have never heard of the Spartan Races, they are an obstacle course race throughout the woods. They are also known as mud runs and this year they lived up to their name. Over the last month as we've been hammered by rain the course got muddier and muddier. It rained and even lightened during the Super on the 2nd, Nathan and Brent days had to be cut short because of the lightening. The weather on Sunday was great but the course was as muddy as I've ever seen one. If you want to see pictures from the race, check out our Instagram page . GCP SPARTAN TEAM
    Brent Gossett (Super) ....

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  • Best Exercise Studio in Lake County

    Best Exercise Studio in Lake County

    Game Changing Performance has won the Daily Herald Readers Choice 2019 Best Exercise Studio in Lake County!!! This is our first time that we are up for the award and we feel honored to have won it. We can't thank you guys enough who helped us achieve this and respect us enough to vote us into this! With Lake County having a population of over 700,000 people and over 200 exercise studios in the area this is an awesome accomplishment. We believe what has set Game Changing Performance apart in our minds is our community. We help people get results of course, we have a pretty revolutionary training program and we make sure that we progress people at a proper pace for their fitness levels. ....

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  • The Math of Fat Loss

    The Math of Fat Loss

    There are so many factors in fat loss that it can be mind boggling. Anything like stress, lack of sleep, macro levels, carbohydrate manipulating, exercise levels and so on and so on. These are things I write about often. I like to write about the things outside of calories as they honestly have a bigger impact over a lifetime of healthy eating. We need to correct things like our lifestyle habits, social habits, eating habits and exercise habits before we strictly concentrate on calorie intake because if those things aren’t fixed we can’t have a long term solution to fat loss. But today I want to go through the quick math of calories in vs calories out to create fat loss. The ....

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  • Relationship with Food

    Relationship with Food

    I just don’t understand why I can’t stop myself from eating sweets whenever I’m stressed out. I don’t have any sweets in the house, I honestly have no desire to eat any sweets, but whenever I get to a certain level of stress I go almost into a zombie like stage for sweets. Does this happen to you? It might not be sweets, it might be every time something great happens you go out for ice cream. Whenever you schedule is swamped you reach for a bag a chips. When a project gets dumped on your plate and you know you the amount of work you will have, the thought of what takeout will make you feel the best in the moment. Isn’t it crazy how we actually have a ....

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  • When Boredom Hits

    When Boredom Hits

    The weather outside is crappy, you have nothing planned and to say you are bored is kind of an understatement. You have plenty of healthy food in the house, you have a plan on what you are going to eat and you have been disciplined all weekend. So then why are you sitting on the couch eating off your plan while watching a Netflix movie in the middle of a Sunday afternoon? Because boredom is almost as hard to deal with as being too busy. Do you ever have weekends or maybe evenings like that? You have a block of your day that isn’t planned out and you don’t know what to do with yourself so you lean into food? It’s not do to being hungry, doesn’t have to do ....

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  • Pushing Pause on Your Fitness

    Pushing Pause on Your Fitness

    When everything is perfect, that’s when I’ll get back into my fitness. When I have extra hours in a day, when the kids are older, when work is slower, that’s when it will be the right time to put fitness in my life. Have you ever told yourself that fable? Maybe you’ve been thinking about stopping working out for the summer or putting your fitness on pause because right now isn’t “perfect” or “ideal”. If you just read that statement like I did, you probably laughed a little thinking, who the h*ll has a life that has the ideal time for anything. The second you give away a minute, it’s gone. Meaning, if I used to use 1 hour ....

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  • The Plateau

    The Plateau

    Do I believe that fat loss has plateaus? Yes….and no. I do think that we do have plateaus when it comes to fat loss. I don’t however think it’s due to the fact that our actually caloric intake and fat burning metabolism has stalled. I think however we do plateau in our skill sets to keep us going on our fat loss journey. Fat loss is not linear by any means. No matter how much you workout, how perfect you eat and how disciplined you are, you will never just continuously lose 1 or 2 pounds a week indefinitely until you reach your goal. There are way too many things to take in to the equation from sleep, stress, hormones, types of foods, etc. Fat loss is more like a ....

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  • Traveling Healthy

    Traveling Healthy

    I have times of the year when I travel a decent amount. From May until September I’m usually gone somewhere for at least a week each month. This has taught me a lot about the struggles of traveling and how hard it is to eat well when out and about. This article is going to walk through different things I’ve found that really help me out when flying to a location as well as when driving to a location. FLYING

    Flying in for a business trip or a vacation can be a little tougher than most situations. You can only pack so much in your bag and prepare ahead of time. I’m a very light traveler, I only travel with a backpack for all trips no matter how long I will be ....

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  • One Step at a Time

    One Step at a Time

    Have you ever had that moment when you wake up and say I’m going to lose weight? You are thinking that you will exercises 5 days a week, stop smoking, quite drinking pop, and eat perfect at every meal. Monday starts and you go from a crappy habit life to perfect nutrition and fitness habits. After day 1 you want to stop but you struggle through day 2 and by day 3 you are downing a bag of potato chips and a 20oz pop saying you will never lose weight. The main issue here was you took on way too much change at once. The body hates changes and you radically changed everything in one day. The only way you’ll form long-lasting habits is by focusing on one habit at a ....

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