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lucy vitamins

Mom: Did you take your vitamins, young man?

Me: Yea, I took them with breakfast. (LIE)

Ever get that question growing up? Did you actually take them or just say you did? Remember the show I Love Lucy when she had to choke down all those liquid tablespoons of vitamins. That’s how most of us felt growing up about taking the giant horse pill vitamins our parents tried to give us. The ones they act like they are taking as well, but you notice that bottle never seems to be getting any lower (that’s because they know they suck as well). Unless you were lucky and got the awesome Flintstones Vitamins growing up!


Due to this experience growing up, have you just decided that you’re not going to force your kids to go through that trauma? You could be doing a disservice to your children and really hindering their growth throughout childhood and into their teenage years.


  1. Junk food

    • Granola bars, Gatorade, fruit snacks, PB & J sandwiches, cereal. Do those sound like pretty normal food intake for your kids? Maybe a trip to Arby’s, Subway, or Taco Bell because you had to run them to some event and didn’t have time to cook. On that day, they were lacking a lot of vitamin content, and even though they had plenty of food, they missed out on essential vitamins and minerals.

  2. Diet at school

    • Even though the government has taken a stance on food in schools, they really haven’t cleaned up the issue at all. It is still a pretty big mess and really isn’t that much healthier than before. Your kids are making the choices at lunch to eat just what they like and avoiding the other “healthy” items on the plate because they don’t enjoy them. You college kids are enjoying a buffet of pizza, cheese balls, fries, ice cream, and worse. Think there are some vitamins being missed there?

  3. Eat the rainbow

    • No, I’m not talking about sending Skittles to school with your kids. I’m talking about eating the full rainbow spectrum of fruits and vegetables. If you look at the picture below there are a lot of colors of foods. Each color has a different combination of vitamins and antioxidants a body needs. Are you getting all those colors into your kids’ diets?



Gummy vitamins!

I’m a big fan of people taking gummy vitamins. Are they better for you than pill form? Most likely not, but I’d rather you take them and only get 85% of the benefit instead of not taking them at all. It’s an easy and simple way to get your children to take them and they will think it’s a treat. They digest easier, no issues with swallowing them and they might even be asking you to take them because they enjoy them so much.

So do these simple tasks to improve your child’s health. They make vitamins for all ages now, so there is no reason not to.

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