Why CHANGE is Required for Results

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One of the most hated words out there…CHANGE. Today we are going to discuss why change is important for getting results, why it really isn’t as difficult as it may seem, and why people seem to be resistant to change.


Have you ever heard the saying “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?” Well for some reason people are always trying to do the same old things and never really make change in their life. Yes, they might buckle down and do a diet for 30-60 days but always with the intention to go back to the eating habits and lifestyle they just had before the diet. Well, that’s complete insanity! The reason you are where you are right now is from the choices you’ve been making.

You NEED to make different choices. You need to eat differently, train differently, have different hobbies, spend time with different people, etc. Maybe not all of those things, and you definitely don’t need to make all those changes at once, but if you have a certain goal in mind, you have to start making changes that will move you closer to that goal. The best way to figure out how to achieve that goal or what you need to change (besides asking your GCP coaches) is to find someone that is where you want to be and model your habits after theirs. Jacked people never miss their lifts. Lean people eat low carb and rarely cheat on their plan. When you see someone that is where you want to be, they most likely are religious about doing the habits that got them there, day in and day out.


Habits are the key to mkaing change less difficult. Habits are small little actions we create to move ourselves in a different direction than the one we are currently on. Because we can make these habits so extremely simple to start and slowly progress them to more difficult things as you improve, it makes it super easy to change.

Take drinking more water as an example. Your long-term change should be drinking 70 oz of water every day forever. That sounds pretty daunting, right? But if we said to drink 10 oz of water every day for 3 weeks. Much easier now? Then we move it up to 20 oz after you kick 10 oz butt. Then keep moving it up over time until you just drink 70 oz of water, every single day without even thinking about it.


One reason is that most people don’t actually have a plan to achieve their goals. If you haven’t laid out even a simple plan, then you really have no road map to make the change less daunting. People also want to be perfect about doing everything, so change seems like it’s so far off. They think they can’t make this huge life-altering change with all they have going on. And they want to bite off way more than they can chew.

That’s why we are so big on habits, because we need to chunk it down so you don’t get so stressed about the massive change that is about to happen in your life. If people were more ok with things taking about a year to achieve their results, then habits would be even easier for them. They could make these super small habits and over a year it will feel like the change just happened naturally.

The last component of why people are resistant to change is….it takes work. Change is not usually something that is super simple. You are going to have to uproot certain parts of your life. But if you are unhappy, then why is that such a big deal? The things you are uprooting will hopefully bring happiness on the other side so why not gamble on yourself? You can’t be more unhappy than you are right now.

Main Takeaway

  • Change is actually a really good thing. It’s taking you out of the position in life you are in right now and putting you into the spot you really want to be in. Yes, it’s going to take some work, but if you break it down into small habits it’ll come pretty seamlessly!
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Why Change is Required for Results

Why CHANGE is Required for Results

One of the most hated words out there…CHANGE. Today we are going to discuss why change is important for getting results, why it really isn’t