What’s your best chance to fix sleep?

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What's your best chance to fix sleep?

Have you ever heard of sleep hygiene?

Just like personal hygiene, it’s a routine of activities that help you sleep better just like personal hygiene is a routine to help you smell better.

Why are we talking about this?

Having a good sleep routine and sleep habits before bed is one of the easiest ways to improve your overall sleep.

What are the benefits to having a good sleep routine?

  • Deeper and more quality sleep.
    • Studies show that you cannot really affect REM sleep, your brain controls that and will get as much REM sleep as it needs to create proper brain function. However, you can affect deep sleep. Deep sleep is when your body is physically recovering from workouts, from stress, and the exhaustion of our busy lives.
  • Reduce body fat
    • The more sleep we get and the better quality sleep we get release specific hormones that help burn body fat. Ghrelin (hunger) and leptin (appetite suppress) both are hormones that affect hunger and they affected by the total amount of sleep you get.
    • More will power to make good choices. When you are tired, you are already low on the ability to function at full capacity. Your most important decisions will take a lot of focus which can lead to less quality decisions while eating.
  • Decrease resting metabolic rate
    • Some studies showed that RMR could be reduced by 5% in people that were lacking proper sleep. This would mean you are burning 5% less calories a day. That’s 100 less calories you are burning a day by just not sleeping well. That might not sound much but that’s a serving of most salad dressing. So you would need to be more cautious about what you are eating during the day which would then require more will power.
    • Those same studies showed that you could also lose muscle mass by being sleep deprived as well over time.


I listed these by easiest to implement into your routine to hardest. This isn’t an endless list, there are tons of strategies out there, this is just the most bang for your buck ones we found.

  1. Reduce light in the room
    1. Try to eliminate all things that light up your room. This could be blue light on your phone charger, blinds being shut, black out curtains to make it dark, no night lights, etc.
    2. The skin has photoreceptors that sense light. Any type of light can make the body not fall into a deep sleep as the skin is wired to have pitch dark to sleep in.
  2. Brain Dump
    1. Grab a piece of paper each night before bed and just put all your thoughts on it. List anything you are thinking about, groceries, work ideas, kids schedules, etc. This will allow your brain to just relax instead of using it’s short term memory bank on replay trying to remember stuff for the morning.
    2. This doesn’t have to be journaling, its literally just getting any thoughts out so your brain doesn’t have to think about them overnight.
  3. Get your room cool
    1. The cooler the room the better. Most people need between 62-65 degree F to achieve a great deep sleep. To most people this sounds chilly but that’s what blankets are for. The cold temperature on the face, arms and for some people feet allow the body to release heat easier and fall into a deeper sleep cycle.
    2. A tip for this, is set your thermostat to decrease temperature 30min after you go to bed, and then increase it 30min before you wake up. That way you never feel chilly getting into or out of bed.
  4. Read a book before bed
    1. Ideally this would be done 30-60 minutes before bed. A paperback book is better than a kindle which is better than a phone. Less blue light the better.
    2. Not reading in bed is also good. Find a reading spot in your house where you can relax into a good fictional book. Try not to do a business book or something that will get your brain fired up or else you might be thinking too deeply before bed.
    3. The reason we don’t read in bed is we want the body trained that only 2 things happen in the bed, sleep and sex. That way it can relax and not have to be on alert for anything.
  5. Start a 30 min routine each night
    1. Each night, follow the same routine so your body can build a habit of realizing it’s time for bed. By following the same routine, it realizes that it’s time to wind down and get sleepy.
    2. A simple routine could be, shower 30 min before bed, brush teeth, take melatonin and CBD oil, do brain dump, say your prayers, do 5 deep breathes and turn off lights.


These are all great tips and all can be put into practice pretty easily. As with any habit, it’s usually not best to try to implement too many things at once. So pick, one or 2 things you think you can do right easily and implement them tonight. Then in a couple weeks add another, until eventually all 5 habits are part of your routine. In about 6-8 weeks you’ll start to notice that by the time your head hits the pillow, you are out!!

Sleep is one of our 5 pillars of Fat Loss. If you’re interested in learning more about how to lose body fat and you want coaches dedicated to helping you change your body into whatever transformation you would like, just click the request more information button!

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