Ultimate Results Program

The Ultimate Results program is just that. It’s designed to help you buy speed towards your final fat loss goals. This is a semi-private program so you still get a small group of people to create relationships that are also working towards fat loss goals. But the program is designed towards each person's specific needs.
Personalized Plan
Fat Loss Focused
Extreme Accountability
Nutrition Follow Up
InBody Body Composition Scans
Progress Check-ins

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Why would you choose our personal training over our group training?

It mainly comes down to customization and a higher level of accountability. In personal training our workout program is tailored to your specific goals. Whether they be fat loss, strength gain, specific for a hobby such as golf, etc. We tailor it to fit your current physical shape as well. If you have bad knees, lower back pain, and so forth, we create routines to improve those weaknesses while putting you in a great position to succeed during a workout. Our group training is awesome, but we can’t get it as tailored to major injuries or even dialed in enough for very specific goals because the program has to fit a bigger concept for everyone.

We offer the best personal training in Mundelein. Our team understands that everyone is different. That’s why we tailor this program to you and takes major injuries or limitations into account. What’s more, our personal training and nutrition coaching helps further specify a plan to you. Sure, you can do personal training for fat loss in Mundelein, and that’s it. However, when you combine both elements, you have a stronger chance of success.


Accountability is another layer that is important in the personal setting. You have a dedicated time and coach and they know if you have been showing up or not. If you missed a session they reach out, if they haven’t seen you this week, they reach out. We also have a weekly accountability system to help you improve nutritional habits and keep your goals top of mind. Our personal training in Mundelein is unique in that we really show dedication to our clients. We care about you and want to see you succeed. It doesn’t hurt if you have some fun, too!

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SEMI PRIVATE TRAINING (5 or less people)