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  • Lose 10 lbs (Starting weight 270.7) won’t weigh until Feb 1st again.
  • Workout 31 times, doesn’t have to be everyday, can be 2 a days as well. (6 so far)
  • Follow the Whole30 diet with slight modifications (protein shakes are ok as well as BCAA drink) (5/5)

DATE: 1/5/2020

  • Productive Sunday
  • Was only supposed to have a light recovery day with a low day strain, under 8, but ended up having a high day strain above 15.


  • 7a- Bulletproof Coffee
  • 11a- Denver Scramble
  • 2p- Chicken Bone Broth
  • 5p- BCAA drink + MCT Oil
  • 7p- Beef Stir Fry


  • 2p @GCP on my own

Deadlifts- 165, 185, 195, 205, 215

             with 1 min mobility in between each circuit

  • 530p in Garage
  • 5rnds
    • Min1: Echo Bike 10cal

    • Min2: Reverse Hyper 20# x10

    • Min3: Ski Erg x10

    • Min4: Back Extension x10

  • I have a goal to get a minimum of 8 workouts in a week. So today I knew I was going to need to get in 2 workouts.
  • I also knew I needed to have a low strain day so they couldn’t be overly intense. That’s why I did a nice easy deadlift circuit with mobility to get some strength work in but not get heart rate elevated. The 2nd workout was a quick 20min one in the garage that I focused on keeping my heart rate under 160.


  • Today’s was 3858 calories
    • Sundays are normally super low for me but today I kept busy a lot. Again with the NEAT idea, there was very little down time.

  • Today was a high strain day. Today I had a 16.8 I was only supposed to have an 8 or less day to help out my recovery but I doubled that. I think a of it also had to do with me not getting the best sleep recently and my resting heart rate is higher than normal which adds naturally stress on the body. My biggest strain was actually meal prepping 9.7. I did great keeping my workouts low 5.9 and 6.7.
  • TOTAL CALORIC DEFICIT FOR DAY: Calories burnt (WHOOP) – Calories intake (MFP)= 3858-1658= 2200 deficit


  • Slept 7hrs 57min out of 9:38 needed which was a good 83% sleep score.
  • My big issue tonight was just didn’t go to bed early enough. My goal was to be in bed after the football game which ended at 1030 but I laid in bed researching things on my phone until 12a. I slept in until 930 which is awesome but to get 100% I would have needed to sleep until 11a and that is almost impossible for me.
  • My recovery score was 25% which is very low. I needed to pretty much veg all day. This didn’t happen because I had good energy and wanted to keep focusing on things to achieve my goals. I know I’ll recover over time.
  • I had a nap planned to help out but again, I missed it as I was doing things as well as watching football.
  • I went to bed at 8:30p because I had to be up to coach the 530a class.
  • My WHOOP band said I need 9:03 min of sleep tonight going into tomorrow.
    • My baseline sleep is 7:35min 

    • Strain of the day- 49min extra needed

    • Sleep debt- 39min extra needed


  • I did GoWOD today for 10min pre workout. Also did 5 min of work on my QL’s before bed. Lacrosse ball and door stretch are my go to’s for QL.
  • About 1a, I put some CBD cream on my right shoulder which has been really painful the last 2 weeks and took some advil. Helped out a lot.


  • Knowing I need to have a lower strain day even though I have a big day planned.
  • Preparing to travel to Philly from Tues to Sat and making sure I have a plan in place to achieve my goals.
  • Meal prepping for 2 day’s to make sure I use up all my food.
  • Knowing I coach Mon morning which is different than my normal routine so having a plan for going to bed early as well as managing my energy during 3 hours of coaching the next morning while fasting.


  • Meal prepped really well. Tried a new teriyaki stir fry sauce from Primal Kitchen with my stir fry and tasted great. Go 2 days prepped as well as laid out a plan for my trip to Philly and rules to what I will eat.


  • Today I posted my before pictures on my Instragram personal page (@trevwarnke if you want to follow). This was really hard for me. I took them Jan 1st and it took my until Jan 5th to actually get up the nerve to post them. I really never take off my shirt in public. Even when I’ve been my fittest ever I rarely would take it off because it just wasn’t me. So to have something posted on social media for everyone to see was really a struggle. I also have self-esteem issues and with clients seeing this picture I always worry, will they think less because I’m not in the fittest shape of my life. These are all the stories I tell myself. But I know my goal is to get these stories out of my head and live life and be an example for others. So finally got my guts up to post and will post once a month going forward.
  • Working to get a lower resting heart rate is good for overall life stress. The lower your heart rate is at resting will help you recover better and shows better heart health. This happens by working out consistently.
  • Did measurements today: Waist- 44.5″ and Hips- 49″. For comparison, I was 40″ waist and 45″ hips when I was my lowest weight in Feb 2019 so definitely have some work to do.
  • I’m going to be traveling to Philly from Tues morning through Sat morning. I’ll still post daily but not always sure the time of day I’ll be able to. I’ll do my best to recap my thoughts and choices each day.

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