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  • Lose 10 lbs (Starting weight 270.7) won’t weigh until Feb 1st again.
  • Workout 31 times, doesn’t have to be everyday, can be 2 a days as well. (4 so far)
  • Follow the Whole30 diet with slight modifications (protein shakes are ok as well as BCAA drink) (4/4)

DATE: 1/4/2020

  • Busy day: Nathan and I painted for about 4 hours in the gym.
  • Didn’t sleep great during the night again.
  • Coached @8:15a and 9:15a


  • 1:30a: Beef Bone Broth
  • 7a- Bulletproof Coffee
  • 12p- Denver Scramble
  • 5p- Beef stir Fry
  • 8p- BCAA drink + MCT Oil


  • 6p @GCP on my own
  • 5rnds
    • 100 Single Unders

    • 10 Hang Muscle Cleans 75#

    • 20 MB Slams 25#

  • My body felt really prepped for this workout. I felt overall pretty lose and was able to get into the workout pretty quick.
  • The workout was really fun. The single under jump ropes kept me winded, the hang cleans were light enough to challenge me go fast but hard enough to challenge my grip, and the slams were hard because I was feeling tired by the time I got them.
  • The workout only took 13:33 but it was a challenging time. I was also able to watch the Texans beat the Bills in a really great game in the background which always makes a workout more fun to watch a game while doing it.


  • My calories are tracked by my WHOOP band.
  • Today’s was 5100 calories
    • Saturdays are always a high calorie burn day for me but anything over 5k is incredible. The main cause of this is staying on my feet doing things all day. NEAT really adds up over a day.

  • Today was a high strain day. Today I had a 18.7. This means I have a lot of recovery I need through nutrition, rolling, and sleep. Coaching 2 hours this morning was a big strain. Saturday’s are always really busy mornings of members so coaching intensity is always much high. I leave the gym after only 2 hours of coaching completely worn out each Saturday and normally need at least a 30min nap to help recover for the rest of the day. Coaching strain was 13.2. I also had a workout strain of 9.7.
  • TOTAL CALORIC DEFICIT FOR DAY: Calories burnt (WHOOP) – Calories intake (MFP)= 5100-1480= 3620 deficit


  • Slept 6hrs 21min out of 8:40 needed which was a good 73% sleep score.
  • I had another weird night of sleep. I woke up to use the restroom at 12a and then my mind started racing about a business trip I have next week. Some anxiety showed up and I couldn’t fall back asleep. After about 30min of lying there, I got out of bed and made some bone broth. I find a warm liquid helps me a lot. I then laid back down and did some reading to help out. About 230a I finally felt sleepy and my mind was at rest and was able to go back to bed until 630a.
  • My recovery score was 37% which is low. I needed to have a lower strain day (under 10). This didn’t happen as I had an over 18+ day. So I’m curious to see my recovery score tomorrow. Hoping a great night sleep will really help out.
  • I had a nap planned but but painting took way longer that anticipated so I wasn’t able to get it in. Energy was fine overall so didn’t feel the affect of this.
  • I went to bed at 11p (watching Patriots vs Titans game) and didn’t set an alarm. I knew I didn’t have any need to wake-up at a specific time so I could go with a later night of going to bed.
  • My WHOOP band said I need 9:38 min of sleep. 
    • My baseline sleep is 7:35min 

    • Strain of the day- 1hr 2min extra needed

    • Sleep debt- 1hr 1min extra needed

    • It recommended I spend 10hrs and 52min in bed to accomplish this goal as I usually lose an hour of awake time each night from restlessness.


  • I did GoWOD today for 12min after my workout. I did a routine that was for low back, calves and QL’s. These were all on the foam roller and using a lacrosse ball.
  • I spent some time cupping my right shoulder. I’ve been having a lot of issues with it since Xmas break as it locked up on me one night sleeping on my side and I couldn’t raise it for a few days.
  • I also used my Hypervolt massage gun on the ends of my thighs by my knees which have been really sore recently and in my hips.
  • I put some CBD cream on my lower back as well just because it’s always a little stiff, especially after jump ropes.


  • Always feel a little exhausted after coaching Saturday mornings. Hung in there well though.
  • Painting took about 2 hours longer than I anticipated which eliminated a nap as well as moved my eating schedule around to the point that I skipped a protein smoothie which reduced my overall calorie intake for the day.
  • Saturdays in general have always been my worst binge day so I was really excited to make it out of the day with no issues.


  • Not binging
  • Staying focused on my nutrition and moving things around as needed.
  • Still getting my workout in even though I was a little tired and it happened 3 hours later then I had planned it. Also still got it in despite wanting to just watch football.


  • NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) is the activity you do throughout the day. Walking, moving, etc. This a very overlooked thing in today’s society, where we spend so much time sitting. On a day like Sunday, I normally only burn 2500-2700 calories compared to Saturdays where I burn 4500 or more. The only difference is how much I move around. Sunday’s I move so much less and you can see the difference in the calories. So if your trying to lose weight try to move more throughout the day as much as you can.
  • I’ve had multiple nights of waking up and not being able to stop thoughts. This rarely happens to me so I really think it has to do with my last 2 weeks I didn’t go to bed on a regular schedule. I was going to bed after 1a each day and I’m really paying for that.
  • Even though I’m not working out while coaching, managing that many personalities actually takes a lot out of me. Yes there is a ton of moving around and coaching but because I’m a little more on the introvert spectrum so I need to be able to recover when I have to put myself out there emotionally so much each day.
  • It’s actually really good for the body to go to bed very close to the same time each night. The more consistent you are with your sleep time increases your ability to fall asleep quicker, get into deeper levels of sleep and recover better.

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