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  • Lose 10 lbs (Starting weight 270.7)
  • Workout 31 times, doesn’t have to be everyday, can be 2 a days as well. (2/2)
  • Follow the Whole30 diet with slight modifications (protein shakes are ok as well as BCAA drink) (2/2)

DATE: 1/2/2020

  • Woke up at 1:30a and couldn’t fall back asleep
  • Coached @530a, 445p, 530p, 615p


  • 3a- Beef Bone Broth
  • 7a- Bulletproof Coffee
  • 11:30a- Denver Omlette
  • 230p- Beef Stir Fry
  • 4p- BCAA drink + MCT Oil
  • 7:30p- Protein Shake


  • 2pm, worked out in Garage
  • AMRAP 20
    • 10cal Airbike

    • 10 Back Extensions

    • 10cal Ski Erg

    • 10 Reverse Hypers #20

    • 10cal Row

    • 20 Thick Bar Curls #20

  • I was a little tired so this was just about getting some work in. Started out slow but about 5min in I was working through the circuit at a good pace.
  • Circuit took just about 20 minutes, burned 320 calories from the warmup through the end, about an 45 in the garage.


  • My calories are tracked by my WHOOP band.
  • Today’s was 4826
    • This is a very high calorie day for me. I average between 3800-4200 calories burnt normally on a Thursday, but since I was awake from 130a my heart rate was elevate for an extra 3 hours which added to that calorie burn.

    • Even though on paper this looks great, it also means that I had 3 less hours of recovery time and that needs to be made up.

  • Today was a high strain day. Strain is measured by my WHOOP band and it calculates out the overall stress load I’ve put on my body for the day. A max strain for the day is 21.0 and I had an 18.1 day. Coaching was my biggest strain, the morning session was a 10.2 and the evening 3 hours was a 13.5. As well as an 8.2 workout.



  • Slept 4hrs 55min out of 8:02 needed which was a great 61% sleep score.
  • My recovery score was 58% which means I was actually in a good position despite a lack of sleep. 
  • I did take a 38 min nap today to help out. It was only supposed to be 20min but I couldn’t wake up. I hit deep sleep really fast according to my WHOOP and I never hit that in a nap which means I was exhausted.
  • Tonight I went to bed at 8:30p and alarm set for 630a.
  • My WHOOP band said I need 9:24 min of sleep. 
    • My baseline sleep is 7:35min 

    • Strain of the day- 59min extra needed

    • Sleep debt- 1:29min extra needed

    • Nap: 38min which reduces time needed to sleep

  • I usually have about an hour over the night of awake time so I needed to go to bed with 10:24min before wake time. I didn’t get to bed that early as I don’t get home from coaching until 730 and still needed to eat, shower and prep for next day. Was in bed by 8:30p however which was my initial goal.


  • I did cupping on my thighs while working. I have my own cupping set that I use often on areas that are sore. My thighs were really sore from Tuesday’s workout so I cupped them while doing computer work.


  • Lack of sleep. I was nervous that later in the day this would catch up to me and make me a zombie. Luckily I was mentally prepared for it.
  • Coaching a long day. On these long days I burn a ton of calories always and I get a little exhausted because I’m not good at taking much ME time.
  • Thursday’s always scare me. It’s usually the start of my weekend bad eating trend. On bad weekends they will start with eating a bad lunch on Thursdays and snowball from there.


  • Got a workout in even though I was pretty worn out.
  • Didn’t let the lack of sleep negatively impact my day.
  • Even though I really wasn’t tired and didn’t have any ME time today I still forced myself to bed by 830p because I knew it was best for my body and recovery.


  • I design out a meal plan for 7 days at a time and eat the same thing everyday. It allows me to easily prep, know exactly what I am supposed to eat, buy a limited amount of different groceries. I rarely get bored of a meal in 7 days then I make slight modifications each week to something to mix it up.
  • I’m not sure what caused such a bad night of sleep. My mind was racing but not about anything in particular, just one of those nights. I think a lot of it had to with being off a normal sleep schedule for 10 days. I normally go to bed at the latest 10p each night and for 10 days my earliest was 11p and normally after 1a.


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