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  • Lose 10 lbs (Starting weight 270.7) won’t weigh until Feb 1st again.
  • Workout 31 times, doesn’t have to be everyday, can be 2 a days as well. (25 so far)
  • Follow the Whole30 diet with slight modifications (protein shakes are ok as well as BCAA drink) (17/21)

DATE: 1/21/2020

  • Coached 530a, 445p, 530p, 615p
  • Long long day but productive.


  • 7a- Bulletproof Coffee
  • 10a- 3 eggs, 8oz ham, blueberriesberries & orange
  • 12p- Bone Broth
  • 2:30p- Pork Meat Stick + BCAA/ MCT Oil Drink
  • 7:40p- 8oz Beef stew meat with 125g carrots


  • 2p in Garage
    • AMRAP 20
      • 10cal Ski Erg
      • 5 Deadlifts
      • 10cal Bike
      • 5 Reverse Hypers
      • 10 cal row
  • I was feeling pretty rushed for time and honestly a little tired so I was thinking about not doing this one. Then my alarm went off and I just decided to just get in the gym and it’ll start coming to me. It did for sure and I felt great after it. It wasn’t crazy hard but got the heart rate up and helped me move better.


  • Today’s was 5145 calories
    • Tuesday’s are always a really calorie big day, just lots of NEAT movement.

  • Today was a high strain day. It was a 18.6. Three straight hours of coaching always makes my day strain shoot through the roof.
  • TOTAL CALORIC DEFICIT FOR DAY: Calories burnt (WHOOP) – Calories intake (MFP)= 5145-1792= 3353 deficit


  • Slept 6hrs 47min out of 9:07 needed which was a perfect 74% sleep score.
    • Way lower on sleep than what I wanted. I just don’t get to sleep early enough on nights when I have to get up at 430a. So I actually ordered some stuff to help my 1hr of sleep awake time during a night and turn it into less than 30min. This is a supplement for restless legs so hopefully I have less disturbances in my sleep after it comes in.
  • My recovery score was 68%.
    • Highest it’s been in a while.
  • I went to bed at 10:20p.
    • Stayed up watching the Gotham Garage show on Netflix for about 1 too many episodes.
  • My WHOOP band said I need 9:36 min of sleep tonight going into tomorrow.
    • My baseline sleep is 7:35min 

    • Strain of the day- 1hr 2min extra needed

    • Sleep debt- 59min extra needed

  • Might have to get back to taking a mid day nap again to help out with some of this sleep debt that is happening.


  • I had my stretch therapy today. It was painfully good. He spent time on my shins trying to correct my inversion of my feet.


  • Not enough food prepared.
  • Long coaching day.
  • Big time consuming projects currently working on.


  • Made smart food choices even when food wasn’t prepared.
  • Got a workout in even when the energy wasn’t there. I just wanted to make sure I fully committed to myself.


  • Had a moment of laziness today where I just didn’t want to cook. I didn’t have my meal prep done and didn’t have it planned to do until tomorrow so I had to find a solution. I wasn’t going to go through the work to prep because I was low on time so instead I have an emergency food a pork meat stick and also had a bcaa drink. This helped me get by until after coaching. Then after coaching I cooked just a little bit of protein because I was hungry for more than just a protein shake. That’s a huge mindset shift for me. In past, that’s when I make a quick run to Subway and kill a 1800 calorie meal and destroy all the hard work I’ve put in.
  • Not every day is going to be a superhuman day. Many days are a struggle but on those days, going through the motions is still better than not showing up.

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