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  • Lose 10 lbs (Starting weight 270.7) won’t weigh until Feb 1st again.
  • Workout 31 times, doesn’t have to be everyday, can be 2 a days as well. (21 so far)
  • Follow the Whole30 diet with slight modifications (protein shakes are ok as well as BCAA drink) (14/18)

DATE: 1/18/2020

  • Coached 815a, 915a
  • Morning was busy but afternoon was pretty chill.


  • 7a- Bulletproof Coffee
  • 12p- 3 eggs, 8oz ham, raspberries & blueberries
  • 2p- Bone Broth
  • 4p- Protein Smoothie
  • 6p- BCAA + MCT Oil drink
  • 8:15p- Pan Fried Shrimp and Broccoli


  • 7:10p In garage
    • AMRAP 20
    • 20 cal Ski Erg
    • 20 cal Rower
    • 10 cal Airdyne Bike
  • Only did 10 Wall Balls today
    • Still have 320 WB & 20 Box Jumps Left before next Wednesday.


  • Today’s was 4555 calories
    • I was happy with this calorie burn. Knowing I wasn’t crazy active on this Saturday to still get over 4500 calories is great.

  • Today was a high strain day. It was a 17.3. I haven’t really had a lower day strain for a long time. My recovery score has been showing this.
  • TOTAL CALORIC DEFICIT FOR DAY: Calories burnt (WHOOP) – Calories intake (MFP)= 4555-1900= 2655 deficit
    • I got all 6 meals in today for 2nd straight day.


  • Slept 8hrs 00min out of 9:02 needed which was a good 89% sleep score.
    • Anything above 80% is good, and about 85% is a big win!
  • My recovery score was 42%.
  • I went to bed at 11:13p.
    • I like to go to bed when I feel like on Saturday nights. Tonight I was watching the Lakers which was a little later.
  • My WHOOP band said I need 8:42 min of sleep tonight going into tomorrow.
    • My baseline sleep is 7:35min 

    • Strain of the day- 53min extra needed

    • Sleep debt- 32min extra needed


    • Continuing to spend a lot of time in my piriformis. It is starting to feel much better which is showing me the work is paying off.


    • Saturday’s can zap me of energy quickly.
    • I was a little off on my initial design of my Saturday plan so not as structured.
    • I was really feeling a nap.
    • My cousin brought home Jimmy Johns and warmed up a cookie in the microwave.


    • Woke up from nap craving sweets, especially after smelling the cookie earlier. But I took a deep breath, decided to move my protein smoothie from the evening to right then to give me something sweet and didn’t have any issues after that.
    • Even though the day wasn’t structured I hit the main health and nutrition goals I set out for the day.
    • Wasn’t feeling like working out but at 7 just decided to get in the garage set a 20 min timer and see what happens. Got one in and felt great after.


    • Low energy days on weekends happen a lot for me. Managing all the things throughout the week and this week had way more of that then maybe I’ve ever had. Pouring a lot of extra energy and I was smoked by Saturday both physically and a little emotionally. So having goals for the day really helped me wrap my brain around the purpose I have.
      • I also have a card I keep on me that I wrote a letter to myself for my goals and the obstacles I knew I would run into that I pull out when I’m weak and helps me restructure my why.
    • Making sure I find ways on my weekends to just shut down from the business. I don’t do a great job of this and my last 2 weekends have been dominated by it and I really felt that today. So my goal is to do nothing business wise with my Sunday except plan out my week at the end of the day.

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