Traveling Healthy

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Traveling Healthy

I have times of the year when I travel a decent amount. From May until September I’m usually gone somewhere for at least a week each month. This has taught me a lot about the struggles of traveling and how hard it is to eat well when out and about. This article is going to walk through different things I’ve found that really help me out when flying to a location as well as when driving to a location.



Flying in for a business trip or a vacation can be a little tougher than most situations. You can only pack so much in your bag and prepare ahead of time. I’m a very light traveler, I only travel with a backpack for all trips no matter how long I will be there. With this in mind, I literally only have room for clothes in my bag so I don’t take any food or supplements when I’m traveling. Here is how I travel light but make good choices.

    • Depending on what time I’m flying out, I normally try not eat before my flight. I typically plan my mornings for fasting and will eat when I get off the plane. I rarely ever will eat when I’m in the airport for 2 reasons. One it’s super expensive and two, the quality of food is low.
    • If I do have to eat at the airport, it’s salads 90% of the time and the other 10% I’ll get fruit and a hardboiled egg. When I do salads, I make sure I get one that has no dressing on it, and only use a small bit of the dressing that comes with it.
    • Avoid Starbucks and fancy coffees in airports. Way too many wasted calories with that.
    • Make sure to get a hotel with a mini-fridge.
    • Depending how long you are there go grocery shopping. If you aren’t there long, just stop at a convenience store. But get some essentials for snacking.
      • Individual bags of unsalted nuts, beef jerky original, fruit, RX protein bars, muscle milk protein shakes (or others like it)
      • These foods are meant to be snacks to take with you when either going out exploring or in meetings. So don’t leave the hotel without them.
    • If you are a breakfast person, have a good quality breakfast of proteins mainly (eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, etc).
    • If you are eating a specialty of the area you are in or a specific lunch option from your business, go ahead and enjoy the food, just be very conscious of the portion size. Choose the smallest plate you can find and only eat what you can get on that plate.
    • If you’re just eating lunch out and it’s nothing special, then stick to quality of food. Steak and veggies, chicken breast and salad, etc. This is your chance to make up for the un-quality meals.
    • Do not take leftovers, just throw the excess away
    • Try to get it over with early because you won’t have time or will be too tired later
    • Do body weight circuits such as EMOM’s, AMRAPS, and so on. Focus more on the cardio component and less on the strength.
    • Stretch, stretch, and stretch some more. Flying makes everything tight, spending time doing the pigeon pose, cobra and twisted supine will help keep the body healthy.



  • If you are driving to your destination then there is a lot you can do for preparation.
    • Foods you can pack really make a difference here.
    • Try to focus first on protein sources: protein powder, BCAA Drink, beef jerky, RX bars
    • Cut up fruits and vegetables
    • Individually packaged nuts (only one per day max)
    • Cooler with: Greek yogurt, deli meats, hard boiled eggs, low fat cottage cheese, low fat cheese sticks
    • Same as the flying list
    • Can take bands, maybe a TRX, a kettlebell and a foam roller. Any combination of those things plus your bodyweight will allow you to do many types of workouts.
    • Going for a run anywhere you are at is always nice to see the area.


  • Don’t step on the scale
    • There is so much sodium and joint swelling from travel that your weight will normally be quite higher when you get back home. Give it about 2 days and check the scale and you should be pretty close to normal again.
  • Drink tons of water
  • Get right back into workout routine.

If you only travel every once in a while then I really wouldn’t worry about it. Try not to over eat, be as active as you can be and enjoy the company and place that you are at. But if you travel a decent amount, you need a way to keep the onset of calories from affecting your body. Practice and play with different ideas. Figure out what works best for you!


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