Transformation Talk: Desiree’s Journey of Consistency

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The most recent episode of The Process of Fat Loss is a very special one, as we welcomed our very own Coach Desiree onto the show to talk about her fat loss journey. Over the past year and a half she has made massive progress in her health and fat loss journey, so we wanted to share her transformation with you and hear about what made her journey such a success. We are breaking this blog into three sections that reflect Desiree’s process of fat loss. Her struggles (before her journey), the process (what changed), and the positive change (the results). To hear the full discussion, listen to the episode by clicking the button below. 


The thing that kicked off Desiree’s struggle with weight gain was an injury she suffered in high school. She had always been involved in sports up to that point, but this injury made it tough to stay active in any capacity. This also led to her ignoring her nutrition. It wasn’t something that she intentionally did, but circumstances in her life knocked her off track, and she kept going in that direction because she never corrected course. Over the course of the next 5 years or so, she continued to gain weight and didn’t really recognize the change.

“I didn’t really realize that I had actually gained weight. I was blind to it.”

This is something that we hear all the time at GCP. You don’t gain 50lbs overnight. It comes on over time through small weight gains month after month. This is often referred to as creeping obesity. 

Eventually, Desiree started to notice some changes in her life that she didn’t like. Her energy levels declines significantly and she felt exhausted every single day. She would often find herself going to bed at 7pm. She also felt very uncomfortable with herself and avoided going out. 


She noticed a few changes in her life that caused her to search for a transformation of some kind. She was becoming closed off to her friends and family and didn’t believe that she could have a career in fitness coaching. She really wanted to rebuild those relationships and find her personality again. She also started to notice high levels of fatigue doing simple activities like walking. 

About 6 months after joining GCP as a coach she decided to make a change and started focusing on her nutrition. She started with a simple change like portioning meals. She also began cutting out sugar from her diet, especially in things like iced coffee, which was a big struggle for her. Then from there, she kept making small changes and dialing in her nutrition day by day. 

Positive Change

Since Desiree began her journey in the spring of 2021, she has lost 50lbs.

That is a huge change. And she didn’t just lose weight, she also saw other positive changes as a result of her transformation. The biggest thing she saw was a change in mindset. She gained confidence, which is something she struggled with before making the change. But now she notices this positive mindset and confidence in everyday places, like the grocery store. 

The two biggest things that she did to help with this change are incorporating gratitudes and affirmations into her daily routine, as well as listening to podcasts that helped her keep a positive mindset. 

Final Word

We asked Desiree for a final word or tip that she learned during her transformation for anyone looking to make a change or who is currently in the process of change. Here is what she said.

“Be patient with yourself. That means not giving up even if you feel like you’re not making progress.”

And that is the biggest takeaway from Coach Desiree’s journey. She was consistent, always trying to improve, and she never gave up. And sure enough, she achieved the results she always wanted.

If you want to achieve these results, click the button below to let us know. We would love to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

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