Top 10 Holiday Survival Tips

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I’m going to help you take a couple of simple steps toward approaching the holiday season differently than just about anyone you know – and as a result, come Jan 2nd, everyone will be scrambling to lose weight while you are already 5 lbs lighter!!

The reality of this situation is that research shows that most people only gain one pound during the holiday season. This is far less than most people would expect or believe.

The downside is that this one pound is never lost. Instead, it is held onto, and up to one more pound is tacked on during the rest of the year. So while one pound of weight gain during the holiday season may not seem like a lot, for most people this is the catalyst for long-term and ‘age-related’ weight gain.


If you follow the strategies we talk about in this podcast and follow your regularly scheduled training program (ideally at least 3 days a week of resistance training), you’ll be 5lbs lighter by January. This isn’t a massive amount of weight, as you’ll lose just under 1lb per week, but if you asked anyone on the street if they would like to be 5lbs lighter come the first of the year, you would get a lot of enthusiastic yeses!


#1 Don’t Graze

Grab a small plate and fill it up. Then walk away from the table. Don’t hang out by the table, snacking as you go. This is an easy way for calories to add up.

#2 Plan Out Meals for the Week of Parties

Figure out what days you have parties. Then plan out the meals on the calendar that you can’t control. From there control all the meals leading up to that day and after that day to keep your calories under control.

#3 Throw Away Leftovers

Don’t keep any leftovers from the parties you went to. Do your best to not take any home but if you have to, throw them away as soon as you get home.

#4 Don’t Skip Workouts

Life gets busy during the holidays, but schedule your workouts and never skip them. This gives you a built-in calorie deficit as well as peace of mind of less stress and time for yourself.

#5 Don’t Confuse Your Goals with Others’ Gluttony

Just because other people are eating wild doesn’t mean you should. Their goals are not your goals. They might be ok with gaining 5 lbs during the holidays but you’re not. So keep that in mind as they are face first in the desserts and you are trying to justify it.

#6 Sample All Treats but Use a Side Plate

Holiday treats are amazing. Don’t white knuckle it through and avoid them. Just be smart and put them on a small plate so you don’t overindulge.

#7 One Glass of Water for Each Alcoholic Drink

For every glass of alcohol you drink, drink a glass of water. This will help you drink less alcohol during the event as well as keep you a little more hydrated.

#8 Eat a Big Meal Before You Go Out

Before you go to a party, eat a healthy big meal. That way you won’t have to worry about grazing or eating the unhealthy foods that are there.

#9 Eat Your Main Meal on a Small Plate

When eating at a party, grab the smallest plate you can find. Fill that plate up and eat from it. It’s ok to fill that plate a couple of times but this will reduce the odds you overeat.

#10 No Unhealthy Foods in the House

It should be this way year around but keep the unhealthy foods out of the house. Don’t buy egg nog, cookies, etc.

Action Steps

  • The holidays are an absolutely amazing time with family and friends. But most people leave the holiday season feeling miserable. Follow the simple 10 tips we have above and you’ll survive this holiday season and be ready to attack the new year.
  • We do have a Holiday Survival Guide that you can view by clicking right here.

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