TO OUR MEMBERS: Understanding How Pricing Works During These Uncertain Times

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Here is our laid out version of what your paying for currently with your membership.


Unlimited zoom workouts: 

  • MTWTh @6a, 7a, 5p
  • Sat @9a
  • All workouts loaded to Members only page for you to do whenever
  • Nutrition of all sorts
    • MyFitnessPal logging
    • 28 day challenges
    • Even Stronger You MyCoach program
    • Or you can just reach out with an issue and we’ll devise a plan
    • Contact with Nathan or Trev
  • You can contact us for anything you might need right now, we are doing our best to service as much as we can and with everything going on we are willing to help in any way. 


  • Your current zoom membership is technically free (if you are using it of course).
  • What you are actually doing is paying it forward:

Meaning, you are paying for your sessions to use down the road, you are not paying for anything you are getting right now.

You have no idea how thankful we are having you continuing to pay so that we can keep our business afloat right now, many gyms around the nation will never open their doors again, but you are making sure GCP will when this is all over. We don’t want to be a business that doesn’t give back to its members, so you will get 100% of your value back out of whatever you have paid for (we’ll explain below how this works).

We do know that this means we’ll be out upwards of 3 months of income this year but we have no other option, it is a small price to pay to keep our business open for many more years in the future. We want to thank those of you that have reached out saying you think we have gone above and beyond right now, we really appreciate that.


  • All the months you haven’t been able to come in the gym (April and May so far) you can use one of these options when we officially do open
  • OPTION 1: Get all missed sessions (8 or 12 a month) tacked on to your membership and you can utilize them however you want over the next year.
    • Meaning if you have a 2x/wk membership, you can do 3x/wk until you use those sessions up. These don’t have to be consecutive, you have a whole year to use them.
  • OPTION 2: Gift the 2 months to a friend or family member. 
    • After all this is done, maybe you have a kid that’s home from college that you want to workout with you. 
    • Maybe this fall, they won’t let the schools go back yet and you have a kid you want to exercise with you. 
    • Maybe your spouse was feeling the COVID +19lbs and you can give them a chance to get rid of it quick
    • A neighbor or colleague that wants to get in shape and you use it as a friendly way of saying I have some extra sessions, come join me.
  • OPTION 3: Use these current payments as paid in advance. Meaning you could take free months later in the year when things are back to normal, since you paid for it now.
    • The main thing we ask if you choose this option is patience as we will have to stagger the months as we know most people will choose this option. If we can stagger the months over a 3-6 month period that would make it so we can lower that burden of instant financial impact. 
    • We obviously prefer as a business option 1 or 2. Those options would allow us to be less financially impacted but we do know that most people want a specific value and we want to make sure you don’t think we took advantage of you at all during this time so if this is the only option that works for you please don’t hesitate to choose it.


  • As we continue to try to get creative with this, we have come up with some other ways that might be a win win.
    • We’re not 100% sure if you could write this off as a donation, we know a few gyms that have done that. If you could or this is something you would like to try and want us to check to see if it’s possible, let us know.
    • This is totally fine as well, please just email Nathan @[email protected] and let him know you’d rather pay a lower amount and let him know what amount you would be willing to pay.
    • This will still allow you to do zoom workouts.
    • Honestly guys, we’ll make whatever we can work. We are trying to navigate this as honest, transparent, and as thoughtful as we can. If you can’t afford anything, but want to keep doing zoom, please let us know, we’ll make it work. We know as we are struggling so are many others are also struggling and we will always pay things forward. That’s just who we are.


  • We are designing everything to get ready for whenever the opening date is, we’ll officially have all parts ready for June 1st and we’ll go from there. We’ll be putting together a bunch of posts over the next few weeks showing how everything will work and how we will make it all safe for you.
    • Cleaning, 6ft apart, safely starting weights again, how to enter the gym, etc.
  • It’s hard having someone say you can’t have your business open even though you didn’t do anything wrong and it greatly impacts your livelihood. Nathan and I know that we have lost a minimum of 3 months of income this year but all we can do is continue to offer everything we can think of right now and we are hoping that we can deliver something that will work for you. If there is anything else we can do to make this service worth it to you, please contact us.

We are dedicated to helping you keep your mind right and create those healthy habits regardless of what’s going on in life!

The GCP Team

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