The Process of Fat Loss

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The Process of Fat LossThe process of fat loss describes the journey it takes to achieve your weight/fat loss goals. At Game Changing Performance, we do not believe there is a magic bullet, a lose weight fast type of plan that will get long term lasting effects. Instead, it’s about the process it takes, step by step through your journey of nutrition and fitness. Our goal with our process of fat loss blog posts is to help guide you step by step on that journey through the process we believe can create long lasting results!


Every great concept always starts with a foundation. The foundation is where you start to build the building on so that it lasts forever. The foundation of fat loss starts with internal characteristics that will help guide you no matter what obstacles get in your way. Here are our three foundational characteristics of the process of fat loss.

  1. You Why
    • What is your purpose and reasoning for wanting to lose body fat? Think this out deeply to put a concrete reasoning on why this might be important to you.
    • The dig even deeper to find your exact purpose and write it down somewhere you can see it every day.
    • Knowing your why is probably the most important characteristic there is. You will look back at this 100 times over the next year as you keep working towards you goal. This might change once you hit certain milestones but always be aware of why you are sacrificing and working on losing weight.
  2. Self-Awareness
    • This is getting a good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to nutrition and fitness pitfalls.
    • Write down your strengths and weaknesses in these 5 categories. Stress management, lifestyle/social activity, nutrition, fitness, and sleep.
    • Understanding what you are good at as well as what you struggle with gives you the starting template for how to create a sustainable fat loss plan that can build on those.
  3. Discipline
    • Once you understand why you are doing this, then your strengths and weaknesses for planning purposes, then it all comes down to executing the plan.
    • This comes from one thing, discipline. It’s not the sexiest word it the world, but it is one of the most powerful. Self-discipline can get you pretty much anything and anywhere in life but it is something you have to practice.
    • Discipline is specific to the task at hand. It’s not always about being perfect, it’s about agreeing to a specific goal or habit and never breaking on whatever that specific goal was. Setting up proper expectations makes discipline a much easier accomplishment.

These three components create the foundation that all your fat loss success is built on. Every habit you try to add, every pound you lose, and every goal you set will start with these foundational ideas and the will be the thing you look back on the most to see if everything is in line.


Spend 10 to 15 minutes thinking about the foundational steps.

  1. Figure out your why?
  2. Do a quick assessment of strengths and weaknesses in our 5 categories (nutrition, sleep, stress, exercise, lifestyle/social activity).
  3. Make sure anything that you create you build in exact expectations so you can stay disciplined to that specific task.

Next week we will go into depth about the 5 pillars of Fat Loss Success. These stack on top of the foundation to build the structure of The Process of Fat Loss.

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