The Great & Powerful Yogurt

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The Great & Powerful Yogurt

Lone Starr: Who hasn’t heard of Yogurt!
Princess Vespa: Yogurt the Wise!
Dot Matrix: Yogurt the All-Powerful!
Barf: Yogurt the Magnificent!
YogurtPlease, please, don’t make a fuss. I’m just plain Yogurt.

How powerful is yogurt and why do we think it’s a great option in your diet?

I bet you have seen all the commercials for every kind of yogurt available now. We have yogurt with fiber, Greek yogurt, yogurt with fruit in, Gogurt, Danimals drink yogurt, and so forth. There is about every type of yogurt flavor available and every ingredient in the book in them now. The principal of yogurt on a health side is to add calcium and healthy bacteria to the gut and most versions of yogurt have at least traces of these properties. So what type of yogurt should you eat?

Greek Yogurt or Regular Yogurt

Greek yogurt has almost twice the protein and half of the carbohydrates as regular yogurt. This makes it a great snack or addition to any meal when you need to bump up the protein. You can easily add healthy fruit to it but try not to buy it with fruit already mixed in because that fruit is mainly just sugar no nutrient benefits. Greek yogurt is not better for you than regular yogurt, it is just nutritionally different, so pick the one that best meets your needs. You can also get fat free greek yogurt as well if you need it to be mainly a protein source for you. Regular yogurt has a higher percent of whey protein whereas Greek is made up of more casein protein. The main thing you are looking for when picking a yogurt: low sugar, normally plain not flavored, and lean towards higher protein.

Other Great Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt plays a role to bone health, using calcium, protein, vitamin D, potassium, and phosphorus. With these great benefits along with the protein and healthy bacteria its hard to not see yogurt as a great snack or addition to a breakfast meal.


  • Adding any fruit to yogurt can add a lot of flavor
  • Putting flavored BCAA’s (just a small amount) can really change the flavor
  • Add PB2 or stir in some PB
  • My favorite parfait is yogurt, PB2, PB and bananas all mixed up
  • Use sugar free jello pudding to mix in to change up flavors

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