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Why Change is Required for Results

Why CHANGE is Required for Results

One of the most hated words out there…CHANGE. Today we are going to discuss why change is important for getting results, why it really isn’t

Top 10 Holiday Survival Tips

Top 10 Holiday Survival Tips

I’m going to help you take a couple of simple steps toward approaching the holiday season differently than just about anyone you know – and

Replenish Supplement Spotlight


Replenish is the newest supplement in our line of premium supplements at GCP. In short, it is an electrolyte supplement that provides essential nutrients to

The Safest Way To Cook Vegetables

The Safest Way To Cook Vegetables

If you’ve been listening to any of our previous podcasts, you know we aren’t the biggest fans of vegetables. The toxicity of the plant doesn’t

Abstainer VS Moderator

Abstainer VS Moderator

Have you heard the idea in nutrition that you can have anything in moderation? So you try to have some ice cream, just a small

BCAAs Supplement Spotlight

Supplement Spotlight: BCAAs

The first thing you may think when you hear about BCAAs is, “What does BCAA even mean?” Is it some scientific jargon or some complex

Optimal Diet Cover

All About The GCP Optimal Diet

WHAT IS OPTIMAL? The optimal diet is what we consider to be our forever diet. When designing this diet, we did a ridiculous amount of