Supplement Spotlight: Thermo

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Supplement Spotlight: Thermo

For the month of October we will be taking a closer look at the GCP Thermo. Thermo is one of the best supplements that we offer for fat loss (part of our fat loss stack). It is not a miracle pill that will instantly make you shed weight, but it is a great tool to help you reach your goals. Let’s start by looking at how Thermo works.

“Thermo” is an abbreviation for the term “thermogenesis”, which is essentially the process by which our body regulates our temperature (remember this for later). The way that GCP Thermo works is by increasing our metabolism, which in turn leads to increased fat loss. Metabolism is a word used to describe how much fuel our body needs to function on a daily basis, so a faster/higher metabolism means more calorie burn for every day body functions, while a slower/lower metabolism means less calorie burn. These factors are significantly influenced by genetics, but can be influenced by other factor (such as muscle mass). 

This is where our GCP Thermo comes in. It contains ingredients such as Raspberry Ketones, Caffeine, and Kola Nut, which can help boost your metabolism. This means that your body will need more fuel, and therefore will begin burning more fat. This increase in fat burn will also slightly increase body temperature (remember, Thermogenesis), which has been shown to be an indicator of fat loss. By boosting this natural bodily process, you can accelerate the process of fat loss and move towards your goals.

Fat loss is the biggest benefit of Thermo, but there are also few other things that Thermo helps with, such as muscle maintenance, energy, focus, and absorption of nutrients.

Be sure to check out GCP Thermo at our website, or pick some up next time you are at GCP. 

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