Supplement Spotlight: Fat Loss Stack

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Supplement Spotlight: Fat Loss Stack

The star of the show for the month of September is our brand new fat loss supplement stack. Since fat loss (not weight loss) is a very common fitness goal, we have created a bundle of supplements that will help you reach that goal. The reason we are targeting “fat loss” rather than “weight loss” is because “weight loss” includes losing fat, muscle, bone density, and many other things (mostly things we do not want to lose). But the great thing about this stack of supplements is that in addition to helping you lose fat, it also helps build and maintain muscle. The three things in the fat loss stack are:

  • CLA: Increases enzymes that break down fat, reduces inflammation, and helps maintain muscle mass.

  • Cleanse: Contains many enzymes that aid in breaking down food into absorbable nutrients.

  • Thermo: Helps burn fat by increasing metabolism, as well as providing an energy boost

This combination is a great addition to the process of fat loss, so be sure to check it out.


The GCP fat loss stack is great for promoting fat loss, but the supplements in the stack also have many benefits beyond fat loss. Here are just a few of them. 

  • CLA: Supports skin and heart health

  • Cleanse: Promotes GI tract and liver health.

  • Thermo: Aids in absorption and digestion of food

For more information about the fat loss stack, or any of our other supplements, check out our website below or ask a coach next time you are in the gym. And remember, use the code “fatloss10” on our website for $10 off the fat loss stock until the end of September. To get the discount, just add CLA, Cleanse, and Thermo to your cart and enter the code. The fat loss stack can also be purchased in the gym, so if you are interested, let a coach know.

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