Supplement Spotlight: Collagen Gummies and Flex Gummies

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This month we are taking a look at two of our most popular supplements: Collagen Gummies and Flex Gummies. What makes these gummies so popular and why are they so beneficial to your body and overall health?

Why Gummies?

The biggest reason for taking gummy supplements is actually pretty simple. It comes down to convenience. Collagen can be taken in pill and powder form, and the effects of Flex can be achieved through other kinds of supplementation., But for most people, gummies are easier to take (especially if you have trouble taking pills), they take only a second to open up and eat (don’t need to mix up powder or take multiple pills), and also taste great. There are some other theories on why gummies are so valuable, but really, it is all about convenience. 

Collagen Gummies

Let’s start by explaining the purpose of collagen. Collagen is a protein that your body uses to build many of its structures (like skin, muscles, hair, bones, and nails). It is the most abundant protein in the body and is used in many processes, so it is extremely important that you get enough of it. Collagen can be consumed through foods like bone broth or certain cuts of meat (like chuck steak or brisket). But the problem is that most people do not get enough of these foods in their diet, meaning that they are often deficient in collagen.

Our collagen supplements are a super simple way to get the necessary amount of collagen for your body to function optimally. It helps reduce skin wrinkles and dryness as well as improving hair health. Collagen also helps increase muscle mass, prevent bone loss, help build healthier hair and nails, and relieve joint pain. It does this through ingredients like vitamin C, biotin, and naturally sourced hydrolyzed collagen (which is what your body needs to thrive).

Below are a few quotes from people who have used GCP Collagen Gummies

“The thing I love about the collagen gummies is how simple and easy they are. They taste really good and I look forward to them as a treat. I used to use collagen powder but wasn’t consistently taking it and this fixed it for me.”

Traci W.

“When I take Collagen my joints feel so much better. I can always tell if I forget to take it because my body doesn’t feel near as good.”

Nathan J.

“I have used the GCP collagen gummies for months and within just a few weeks of use, the biggest change I noticed was how smooth my skin felt. I love how simple and easy they are to add into your morning routine!”

Desiree G.

Flex Gummies

The main purpose of flex gummies is to help your joints. Its primary ingredient, glucosamine, plays a major role in joint lubrication. This has two functions. First, it allows your joints to move better and smoother, which may decrease stiffness and improve range of motion. Second, it improves the health of cartilage in your joints, which is what cushion them and allows them to move well. These two functions lead to the biggest benefit of flex gummies, which is to relieve joint pain and discomfort, as well as to decrease inflammation. There is even some evidence showing that glucosamine can help with pain caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The True Benifit

There are lots of things I mentioned as benefits of collagen and flex gummies, but the real benefit is your quality of life. Having improved bone, muscle, skin, and joint health is extremely important to a healthy lifestyle. It allows you to stay active, avoid injury, and let you do things you enjoy. If you want to learn more about either GCP Collagen Gummies or GCP Flex Gummies, click either of the below links. You can also purchase some Collagen or Flex next time you are in the gym or by using the links below.

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