Success Stories


Scott has made an incredible transformation so far and he says he’s not done yet! His doctor had been counseling him about losing weight and he took it to heart. Scott believes in following daily habits that he can instill in his life to build a great routine. He has taken our nutritional advice and ran with it, along with pushing himself in the gym 3x/week. Another great thing about Scott is he made fitness a family thing. His high school son Ryan also joined GCP and works out along Scott and his wife Charlotte participates in GCP events as well.


Dorothy is a personal who became a fitness nut in a way. She had always enjoyed fitness but when she joined us, we really dialed in her nutrition and all the hard work she was putting in the gym finally showed up. Dorothy has a busy life with national guard, work, getting married and all the in between but we are proud of the hard work she’s put in to get where she is. She’s so awesome, that she is an evening coach with us now as well!! Talk about being busy.


TJ is someone who has always done running and other cardio. At GCP, he has really gotten into pushing himself on weights and challenging his strength. This has led to him creating more defined arms and a more muscular physique. But the big Game Changer for him was when he really started to attach his nutrition. Working on dialing in proper protein levels and learning that fruit is great for you has really helped his transformation. TJ passes fitness on throughout his family. His young daughters come watch workouts all the time which instills that future image for kids to know this is how you stay healthy. His wife Lacey has also been a long time member at GCP.


For Liz, transforming her lifestyle really came about by moving more. Her job is pretty sedentary and she has a decent commute so getting the exercise in 3x/week is what really jump started her transformation. Then she started to learn the basics of our nutritional philosophy and from there the weight just started shedding. Liz loves boat life and now feels super confident about dressing for boat season!


Brent’s journey has been incredible to watch. He came in needing to lose weight. He did that by the heaps and ended up losing more the 50#’s. During this journey, he started getting into long distance running. He always had a goal to do the Chicago marathon and after all his weight loss he started to attack that goal. After a year of training and down 50#’s, Brent ran in the Chicago Marathon!!


Patty just wanted to feel more confident in her own skin. She has a great and fun loving personality and wanted that to outwardly reflect as well. She really dove into our nutritional coaching and started to add great habits to her lifestyle. Things like more veggies, way more fruits, and increasing her water intake all had dramatic changes in how she and her family think about food.


Lori is someone that learns a habit, puts it in her life and then tries to keep improving it. She has challenged herself in her fitness, her strength levels and eating routine. After raising kids and they were all off in college, she decided to take care of herself. Lori has made GCP another home. Her husband trains here, her best friends do and her running crew are all GCP members. She has turned this into a place she doesn’t just show up to, it’s a place she’s excited to come to each week.


Nancy came in very nervous about training. She had a bad history of lower back pain and was nervous resistance training would make it worse. After a few months, she noticed when golfing she had so much more rotational flexibility and her lower back pain had dramatically increased. After that, she spent time in our accountability programs working on improving her nutritional routine. For her, she also really worked on getting a better sleep routine and once we got that figured out the CHANGE really started happening.


Sheri came in with a goal to get a little fitter and a little leaner. She has always been active and put a lot of time in the gym. Starting with a nutrition focused plan really helped her lean out her midsection and get to that goal relatively fast. After that, she was able to really push hard in the workouts and build those incredible arms you see! Those didn’t happen overnight but Sheri has always been dedicated to putting in the work.


Ashley’s transformation started with a big push. She is a former athlete and wanted to get that back. She pushed hard in the beginning to get some quick results and really caught the transformation bug. After that, her results definitely slowed, but she was never satisfied. Ashley joined our transformation program and her CHANGE really took off from there. With the high level of accountability she was able to push to her end goal!


Molly’s transformation was one of consistency. She was slowly losing weight consistently over a long period of time. Each month it wouldn’t be a big jump but month after month the weight kept coming off. As a hairstylist, she was on her feet all the time and that constant extra movement helped her long term movement goals.


Greg’s transformation was one of steady hard work. Each workout he showed up to he would train a little harder, lift a little heavier and really push himself during his workouts. Initially he didn’t put as much focus on nutrition but when he finally put emphasis on that in his lifestyle his results soared.

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