Spartan Race 2019

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Spartan Race 2019

The GCP Team completed the Spartan Sprint on June 3rd, 2019. We also had two people run the Spartan Super. If you have never heard of the Spartan Races, they are an obstacle course race throughout the woods. They are also known as mud runs and this year they lived up to their name. Over the last month as we’ve been hammered by rain the course got muddier and muddier. It rained and even lightened during the Super on the 2nd, Nathan and Brent days had to be cut short because of the lightening. The weather on Sunday was great but the course was as muddy as I’ve ever seen one. If you want to see pictures from the race, check out our Instagram page.


Brent Gossett (Super) 

Nathan Johson (Super/Sprint)

Dina Johnson (Sprint)

Gil Licudine (Sprint)

Colleen Rockelmann (Sprint)

Michael Rockelmann (Sprint)

Dorothy Such (Sprint)

Kim Khuen (Sprint)

Deb Marsico (Sprint)

Celestia Nielsen (Sprint)

Tim House (Sprint)

Meredith Sefa (Sprint)

Gayle Meyer (Sprint)

Trev Warnke (Sprint)



Regardless of how muddy it was we had a blast. We had a couple people run their first mud run with us. We lost some shoes, got covered in mud, but the company was incredible. We ended up splitting into two groups during the race and each group has their own stories. Many people were able to accomplish obstacles or parts of obstacles they couldn’t do before. Game Changing Performance stepped up their game and just kept going!


Later this year we will be doing more races, the Rugged Maniac (August 24th), the Terrain Race (September 29th), possibly Spartan Sprint (November 16th) and Savage Race (July 27/28). If it looks fun to you, we’d love to have you join.

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