Social Drinking Tips while Staying Fit

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Social Drinking Tips while Staying Fit

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Are you a person enjoys having a drink or two on social occasions? But at the same time you have a desire to lose weight and stay fit. These don’t have to be mutually exclusive, they just need to be planned a little and done in moderation. One caveat would be however, if you desire to lose a large amount of weight you do need to abstain from alcohol as much as possible. It literally puts the breaks on fat loss so you avoiding it can be very helpful in a transformation.

TIP 1: One key is limiting the amount of alcohol to the proper portion size.

TIP 2: Keep the amount of days you drink to 1 or 2 days per week. Drinking puts the breaks on fat loss so we need to limit the amount of times we pump the breaks.

TIP 3: Limit to two drinks per setting. Put a drink limit on yourself and be better at pacing your drinking. Try to drink one per hour so you can slow the alcohol intake.

TIP 4: Eat before drinking. Having food with or before you drink will slow the absorption rate of alcohol and help your body process it better.

TIP 5: Alternate drinks. Drink water or unsweetened tea between either sips or full drinks. This will cover that desire to drink as well as keep you hydrated.

TIP 6: Mask your drink. Drinking from a darker glass, using club soda or seltzer water can make it look like you are drinking to others if you feel there is a social obligation to drink but you know you desire to be healthy more.

TIP 7: Order a drink and baby it. Then when people start pressuring you to have a second, order the second one and don’t drink it or drink it even slower. People rarely pressure after the second drink.

The best strategy is to have a plan of all the occasions you have coming up and make sure you limit the amount you have at each. Your body will thank you and the mirror will show it

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