Pushing Pause on Your Fitness

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Pushing Pause on Your Fitness

When everything is perfect, that’s when I’ll get back into my fitness. When I have extra hours in a day, when the kids are older, when work is slower, that’s when it will be the right time to put fitness in my life. Have you ever told yourself that fable? Maybe you’ve been thinking about stopping working out for the summer or putting your fitness on pause because right now isn’t “perfect” or “ideal”.


If you just read that statement like I did, you probably laughed a little thinking, who the h*ll has a life that has the ideal time for anything. The second you give away a minute, it’s gone. Meaning, if I used to use 1 hour for exercising and I decide for a few months that I need to take some time off, guess what. That time is gone, probably forever, or until you realize that the only way you are going to get that time back is some of the other things have to be dropped.


There is no perfect time to lose weight, get fit or make a change. Actually let me rephrase that, right now is the perfect time to make those changes. Because the ideal situation you believe will happen in a month or two is never coming. It’s going to be as elusive forever so you need to just deal with that and start making changes right now.


Let’s look at the other side of this. The side where you are currently doing fitness but now are thinking, I should stop for a little while until I have more time in my day. First part to look at is your fitness in general. If you have been working hard the last few months, if you take a few months off then it’s just like starting from scratch again. All that hard work will be gone. Second part, if you don’t eat a great diet but haven’t been gaining any weight since working out, imagine what it will be like when you’re not active. Even though you might not be losing weight, you aren’t gaining it but take out the exercise and oh crap, three months you might look like a person you don’t recognize. Or if you did lose a bunch of weight, it would not be fun to go back to where you were just because you thought it would be easier if you didn’t workout.


I would be interested in having someone who was thinking this way do a time log on their day and see really how busy they are. Let’s say this person normally works out at 5:30p. They are looking at taking the summer off because they want more time with their kids. If we deconstructed their evenings, we could probably find that on an average night they watch 1.5 hours of tv, they spend .5 hrs on social media and 2 out of the 5 nights a week their kids are either at a friends or another event. So with 2hrs a night wasted on mindless things and 2 nights of the week the kids are gone, we find that they have a lot of time they never really thought about before available to exercise.


The wonderful thoughts of being able to just press pause and 3 months from now everything will go back to the way it was before is unfortunately a dream land. In three months, life changes a lot. Your time switches, your body will transform in one direction or another. So the best way to think about it is, this is MY TIME that I’m working on reducing my stress, improving my mental health, working on my body, working on my long term movement and strength and spending time in a social environment.


So just remember, there is no PAUSE on your fitness, the perfect ideal world you’re looking for just won’t happen! So you might as well stay sane and happy instead putting in the work.

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