Pizza and Movie Anyone??

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Pizza and Movie Anyone??

One of my favorite things growing up was having a delivered pizza and renting a movie. It was great to hammer down slice after slice and have great entertainment to distract me.

Do you ever do this with your kids?

I bet the answer is yes and doing this occasionally is great. It creates memories and is a fun event.

It can be dangerous if done to much though.

Do you let your kid eat cereal while watching cartoons? How about play Minecraft while eating a snack? These are everyday occurrences for kids in this entertainment based society but it can lead to a lot of the obesity issues we are having.

In an upcoming article, we are going to talk about hunger cues and how we have to let our child use these to dictate their eating. Eating with distraction is another way they might not be using their natural hunger cues. As they get lost in their world of entertainment they might start with one bowl of cereal, which usually makes them full. But since they ate it so fast their body isn’t aware of whats going on and keeps the hunger feelings going. By the time the child takes a second to think about their food they have doubled the amount they normally eat.

Doing this day after day, meal after meal, can quickly add to 100’s of extra calories per day. Which over a year or a few years adds up to a lot of extra weight on someone. Even if your child isn’t gaining weight, it will ingrain habits over their lifetime of eating while distracted and will increase likelihood of adult obesity.

Tips on Correcting this

Start having family dinners again. Spend time talking and learning about your child’s day. Use snacks as a TV or game timeout and have them eat outside or somewhere that allows them to relax their overstimulated minds. Make eating in front of the TV a treat so its a special occasion when it happens.


Turn off the electronics and sit down for dinner together. Your child’s hunger cues and possible future obesity issues depend on saying no to the electronics and you spending one on one time with them.

For the occasion Pizza and a movie though, check out this Sweet Potato BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe that can make that pizza night just a little healthier but still taste amazing!



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