Pasta And Rice…Are They Making You Fat?

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First, let me say I really have no issue with pasta and rice. Usually, they both have relatively low toxicity and are easily digestible for most people. The lens that I’m looking at these through is specifically for fat loss purposes.


I’m not going to spend much time on this as our last podcast went in-depth on this topic. You can listen to that here. The simplest idea of this is, excess carbs in our system that aren’t burned up through movement will be converted by insulin into body fat. This means unwanted weight gain.


These two food groups really don’t add any nutritional value. Even if you did decide you wanted rice but only in small amounts, say 1/4 a cup, you wouldn’t get any nutritional benefit from it. Both pasta and rice are mainly just a source of carbohydrates. They don’t have an abundance of micronutrients that would be worth taking on those carbs. Instead, you’d be better off with a fruit or vegetable fruit that would give you much more bang per carb. One tenant for fat loss for us is, “Don’t waste calories on zero value foods”.


If you do eat rice or pasta, I’d avoid whole-grain variations. Grains are seeds, and the fiber you get from them will cause more destruction and anti-nutrient pulling than any added benefit. It’s better to have the fast-digesting carbs in this situation than the slow digestion of whole grains.


I do think that if you are trying to gain weight, be in a calorie surplus, and put on muscle they can be a really useful tool. If looking to put on mass, you’ll need a calorie surplus and possibly a carb surplus so pasta and rice are really easy to digest and eat volumes if needed.

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  • If you’re trying to lose weight we would recommend eating either of these foods.
  • If you’re trying to gain mass they are a great tool.
  • Avoid whole grain versions, as they add in more of the toxic seed component.


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