No Excuses Challenge

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No Excuses Challenge

Consistency of the basic habits is one thing most of our clients really struggle with. The typical person wants to be able to do nutrition when they feel like doing it. Unfortunately, that’s not how nutrition works. These 3-4 week, get fit quick plans really don’t help anyone out. They create unrealistic claims and most people that do lose weight, end up putting back on. 

Our goal was to come up with a challenge that could help people worry less about making drastic diet changes, but committing to doing the basic things, religiously well. That’s how the No Excuses Challenge was developed. It was created to force people to create consistency over a long period of time.


  • You have 7 daily habits to work on. Every day at the end of the day you check off if you have accomplished that habit. All habits are created so you can say a simple yes or no that you did it. If you go to bed an haven’t accomplished one of the 7 habits. Then you have failed the challenge.
    • You’ll either have to restart the challenge, no matter if you are on day 30 straight or day 4. The other option is just to quit, but we know you don’t want to do that, we know you want to be tough and prove to yourself that you can commit to the things you say you will do!
  • The real key is that STRICT accountability of HAVING to do it EVERYDAY! You are betting on yourself that you can fully commit to 6 weeks of not failing. 

  • Over the last 3 months, I’ve (Trevor) lost 40 lbs of fat. The only difference really that happened was I was following through EVERY single day, instead of just 5 days a week. It’s amazing when that streak really builds up and you get those incredible results. 


  • 70 oz of water
    • All the water in a day counts. So if you use a BCAA, whey protein with water, seltzer water, water in coffee, anytime you use water it counts.
  • Workout or walk 30 min per day
    • Along with your three GCP workouts a week, make sure you do a 30 minute workout on days not at the gym.
    • This could be walking, running, biking, taking the dog for a walk, an at home workout, hike, etc. 
  • 5 fists of vegetables and/or fruit
    • I don’t care if its all fruit, all veggies or a combo. Get 5 fists of them in each day.
  • 7 hours in bed
    • You need to be in bed at least 7 hrs before your morning alarm goes off. Not getting ready for bed, actually being in bed.
  • Track food
    • Track all the things that go in your mouth. Either using an app or a piece of paper. This is about awareness and when you are aware you make better choices.
  • No cheat meal
    • This doesn’t mean you can’t eat out, but make healthy choices when you eat out. Every person I talk to, knows exactly when they are “cheating” with food. So if you feel like you are cheating, then you are.
  • No alcohol
    • This one is pretty self explanatory


  • COST: $50
    • This is a challenge only for current members of GCP
  • LENGTH: 42 days

  • START DATE: September 13th

  • END DATE: October 26th


  • Guide for how to achieve each of the habits
  • All 7 habits in MyCoach app so you can check them off each day
  • Accountability coach checking over it every day to make sure people are doing the work


I’d love to get emails from people with their excuse on WHY they can’t do it, here is a list of excuses I think people will use and my answer on why that literally is an EXCUSE!

  • I have an event coming up
    • We chose the one time of year (unless you are Jewish) that there are no real big holidays. Now I know weddings and other things do happen however, for 90% of the people this is a perfect 6 week window they can really prove to themselves that they are willing to commit to their goals.
  • I can’t go that long without alcohol, it’s football season
    • I love football as much as the next person, but never once I have ever equated the NEED to drink with football. That’s a choice not a NEED.
    • 99% of you are most likely not alcoholic. My guess is you would say you are a social drinker. If that’s true then YES YOU CAN go WITHOUT alcohol for 6 weeks.
  • But your different than me, you are a coach, this is what you do
    • No I’m not different, however, maybe my goals are bigger and more important to me than yours are to you. You should never think anyone has it easier or harder than you, you are 100% control of your action and the blame is only on you to make the choices that are as big as YOUR goals are.
  • There is no way for me to go to bed 7 hours before my alarm.

    • I do think there is a small portion of people out there that this is the truth. And if it is, please contact me because we can discuss on how to make this work. HOWEVER, for 96% of you this is not true. Yes, you might feel the desire to WATCH more TV, or see the news or scroll the internet, however these aren’t a necessity.

I could probably go on forever with a list of excuses I’ve already heard when talking to people about this challenge.





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