How Important is Breakfast?

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How Important is Breakfast?

It’s 6am, the alarm goes off and you know you have three kids to get off to school for the day. Each one has their struggles in the morning and you know how hard it’s going to be. From getting them up to making sure their lunch is packed, and trying to cook breakfast. After all your hard work in the morning the kids tell you they aren’t hungry and are fighting you tooth and nail to not eat. What do you do? Send them off to school with no breakfast, give them money for a snack there, or send something along with them and hope they eat it. 

How important is breakfast for young adults and children? 

If a student has a bunch of classes early, they might not be able to function and think to their full capacity. As hunger starts to set in they will start to decrease energy levels, which affects their ability to concentrate on the other tasks they are working on. If they start the day with physical education, they could end up very tired or sick to their stomach from the lack of macronutrients for the body to feed off of for their class. 

As a young athlete is going through a growth spurt, their body requires a lot of calories to help the building and growth process. If they are skipping breakfast then they will not have the calorie intake that is needed to help perform the building process or they will eat many unhealthy calories in an effort to feed the cravings the body creates to get those calories in. 

A good breakfast can lead to a healthy day of good food choices. As with adults, if the day is started with good choices, then there are more positive hormone releases and it will lead to healthier meal choices throughout the day. An omelet with lots of veggies and some fruit would lead to a more positive eating and calorie day than a morning starting out with a sugary cereal. 

Tips for getting young adults and children to eat breakfast:

It’s easy to say young adults and children need to eat breakfast but it’s a lot harder to get them to do it. Here are a few ideas on how to start them out and eventually move them along the continuum of making better breakfast choices.

  • If your child doesn’t eat breakfast now, start small. 

  • If they do eat breakfast, start moving it along the healthy continuum.

    • Sugary cereal ? Whole grain cereal ? Oatmeal with Blueberries ?Omelet with Vegetables

    • Pop Tart ? Protein Bar ? Piece of Fruit and hard boiled eggs

  • If they aren’t hungry right when they wake up, send something in their bag with them to be there when they are hungry. Try not to send them money to buy something because it will either buy candy, or they will save it until lunch.

  • Explaining the importance of breakfast and teaching why it will help them is always a step that gets missed by parents. Relate it to them so it fits wherever they are in their life. If they do sports, explain the benefits, or if they are growing, explain how it can help with the process.

  • If they just don’t listen, find an influence in their life that might be able to help relay the message such as a coach or a respected figure in their life. 

  • Make a healthy smoothie/shake for them to drink in the morning that can help them get protein, fats, and other healthy nutrients.


Breakfast is important for a myriad of reasons. It might not be the easiest thing to implement but starting small with things they enjoy and start working your way down the continuum of healthy foods will put them on a healthy path for life.


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