How Does Your Diet Affect Insulin Sensitivity?

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Insulin absorbs glucose and maintains blood sugar levels in our bodies. It’s a very important hormone that can cause issues if we don’t have the right amount. This piece will answer the question: How does your diet affect insulin sensitivity?

What Is Insulin Sensitivity?

People whose bodies are resistant to insulin are more likely to develop diabetes because their blood sugar levels are out of whack. Essentially, the pancreas secretes insulin into the bloodstream. The insulin then absorbs glucose to regulate blood sugar levels. People with insulin resistance are less sensitive to insulin, meaning the pancreas has to create more just to keep blood sugar levels stable. The levels will rise when the pancreas can no longer keep up. Increased blood sugar is a precursor to diabetes.

How To Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Luckily, there are ways to improve insulin resistance. The remainder of this article will discuss what you can do to prevent this from happening.

Avoid Sugary and Fatty Foods

How does your diet affect insulin sensitivity? Well, eating sugary and fatty foods will cause weight gain, which can lead to insulin resistance. The body’s cells will be too covered in glucose to regulate blood sugar levels. Also, the body won’t be able to produce enough insulin. So stay away from the chocolate (sorry!) and go for a healthier option.

Eat Foods High in Nutrients

Foods with high nutrients are essential because they help the body maintain blood sugar levels. So consider eating high-fiber foods and foods that contain lots of antioxidants. Game Changing Performance offers superior nutrition coaching in Mundelein so that you can learn what foods are right for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need assistance developing a meal plan.

Insulin resistance is a tricky subject, but when you break it down, you can effectively see how to manage it. Along with a healthy diet, regular exercise helps with insulin resistance. For this reason, come check out our fitness center. We promote a welcoming environment, and we want to help you transform your life.

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