Goal Setting: The GCP Way

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Goal Setting: The GCP Way

This is one of my favorite topics..period!! I absolutely love the process of creating goals, finding ways to measure them and then creating an action plan to put in place to accomplish them. Now following through with all the ones I set and sometimes setting to many of them is where I struggle more. But we’ll save accountability and follow through some other time. My first question to you, do you current set goals? If so, are they quick things in your head or do you create systemized goals that have a formula to help you achieve the end result? Today, we are going to tackle our strategy and process for creating goals and optimizing them for achievement.


If you’ve read our blogs about our foundations for fat loss you will know that Our Why is very important for goals. Everything you are trying to achieve needs to have a deep root in you to make sure when it gets tough and not fun that you will have your why to lean back on to push you forward. So take a minute to read our article Knowing Your Why for Fat Loss if you haven’t already to help you define your why’s for each goal.  After that, take a moment to do a strengths and weaknesses assessment. What are things that you are awesome and things you struggle at that are relatable to your goals? Write these down, we’ll use them later.


After you do a self-assessment and figure out what you why for the goal is then it’s time to officially put it down. So first start off with the broad version of it. Let’s take the very basic idea of I want to look better naked. We came to this because your goal at first was you wanted to lose weight. Why did you want to lose weight though and as we peeled back things it turned out you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin. You don’t look like you did when you first met your husband and when you see yourself in the mirror it isn’t the body you once knew. So emotionally the deep part is you want to feel comfortable in your own physical body so you can feel more confident around your husband. Putting that in a broader goal, we concluded you want to look better naked. This probably the most underlying goal for 80% of people looking to lose weight or even gain weight.


Next we want to take that broad goal and make it a SMARTER goals. Let’s walk through each letter and start to build a focused goal around it. SMARTER stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound, Executed, Recognized/Reevaluated.


  • How specific can you get with your goal? Using these 4 W’s really helps out here
  • What does your end result look like?
  • Why is this the number one goal you are looking at? (if you did the why exercise above you will already have this answered)
  • Who is all needed to be involved to make this goal attainable?
  • Where is this goal needing to take place? (gym, home, etc)

®OUR EXAMPLE: To look better naked, but not be at the size I was when first married as this could be too hard. I would need to exercise, eat healthier, get nutrition advice, and it will take time.


  • In your opinion, what is the best way to measure this goal?
  • How much weight would you need to lose, maybe body fat is a better measurable.
  • It needs to be directly related to the outcome you are looking for so if you are looking to gain muscle you need to have a measurable that works towards muscle gain such as gain 10 lbs.
  • When it comes to weight loss or weight gain a good coach should be able to give you recommendations on what they would think the amount of weight you need to change by because they can measure lean body mass.

®OUR EXAMPLE: Look better naked- I would like to lose 25lbs


  • Assess any strengths and weaknesses you might have for the outcome.
    • Strengths: great at cooking, love running  
    • Weaknesses: not great at sticking to a plan, not sure how to lift weights
  • Look at any obstacles that might be in your way.
    • Husband that isn’t supportive of your goals
    • Travel for work or have to cook for picky eaters

®OUR EXAMPLE: main obstacle is a very busy travel schedule but has a strength of being a good planner and a weakness of not knowing how to exercise properly.


  • Is this the best time in your life to be doing this. (dealing with sickness or going back to school might not be easy to plan)
  • Do you think your why is bigger than your excuses? How bad do you want it?
  • Is there maybe a bigger goal out there that would pull away from this one and might become more important? (having a child, traveling Europe for the summer)

®OUR EXAMPLE: This is the perfect time to lose weight, school started for the kids, I have the afternoon available to workout and plan food. My husband isn’t coaching sports right now so he can help out with kids activities. My travel schedule during this time of year is very light.


  • Making sure you put a realistic time frame so the goal is achievable.
  • Not setting yourself up for failure by not giving the process of fat loss time
  • Having an end date or check-in date to make sure you stay focused

®OUR EXAMPLE: We recommend 1-2lbs per week max of weight loss, we lean towards 1lb as an average though because it’s most realistic. So we would put down 28 weeks to achieve this goal since each week will most likely not be perfect.


  • Can you put together an action step by step plan to achieve this goal or do you have no clue on how to achieve it. If you have no clue, that’s ok, reach out to a coach who knows what they are doing so they can help you put together a plan.
  • A plan needs to be well thought out. Things need to be put in place for the obstacles you found above. The plan needs to be dedicated for the time frame decided above as well.

®OUR EXAMPLE: Going to join a gym that has nutrition coaching as part of their program to help me with the steps I need. I have researched strength training is one of the best ways to consistently lose weight so I need one that does that as well. It will be 28 weeks so I need to sign up for at least a 6-9month membership. I need to make sure I have a plan each time I travel. I need to ask my husband for help and might need to take some time away from my kids to make sure I get my workouts in and take care of myself. I need to be patient with the process and have things in place to help me stay focused.

Recognized or Readusted

  • At the end of the journey, having a reward or someway to recognize your achievement is important. Setting up a follow through date really helps out.
  • Also, if you didn’t achieve the goal, taking time at the end of the set goal date to readjust that goal and keep working towards it or finding out if it’s not as important to you.

®OUR EXAMPLE: I didn’t hit the 25 lbs I wanted in 28 weeks. I did hit 18 however and I think if I stick to the exact same plan and give it another 12 weeks I can achieve this goal.



When your done going through this process, then bring it all together in one paragraph for what you goal will be as you work towards it in the future.

®OUR EXAMPLE: My goal is to look better naked. I chose this goal because I want to feel more confident when I’m around my husband and feel more like I did when I was in my 20’s. I believe 25lbs will help me be at the body shape I am looking for. I’ve decided that I can achieve this in 28 weeks. To achieve this best I will join Game Changing Performance because they have nutrition coaching and strength training in their program. I signed up with them for a year because I know it will take me more than 6 months to achieve as well as I want to learn to maintain that weight loss. I know travel will be an obstacle but I will spend time planning my food out for traveling. My husband has also agreed to help with kids activities 2 nights a week as those fit best for me to go to the gym. If I achieve this goal in 28 weeks I will by myself some new clothes to better fit my figure at my new weight.


As you can see, that end example is very detailed. When you get done reading that, you know exactly why that person wants to achieve that goal and what she will do to achieve it. It gives her clarity to put her effort into the goal and gives her measurable on when she has achieved it. Take time to sit down and create your own set. If you need help with this at all, let us know and we’d love to help out

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