GCP Parking Lot Rules

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GCP Parking Lot Rules

Hey GCP Family,

As our complex has grown we have more neighbors which means more parking issues. We always want to work well with our neighbors, especially since we do use a lot of parking spots at certain times of days. Here is the current best solution for parking at our gym. Please pay attention to the time frames for best parking for your time.


5a / 545a / 630a

  • This time in the morning we have to worry more about parking in the front.
    • SIDE: This is the NORTH Part of the parking lot, this is very empty in the mornings
    • BACK: this is by the garage door


  • 8:30 has some different rules because we can’t park on the side (north side)
  • BACK: Anywhere in the back works


  • Parking is pretty free game for evening classes as all businesses are either gone for the day or have their parking spots claimed already. So don’t worry about where you park at this time.

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