#GCP Cares

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#GCP Cares

In addition to helping individuals with their health and fitness goals, Game Changing Fitness in Mundelein looks to continuously give back to the community through our charity #GCPcares. #GCPcares has raised money and donated their time to support local charities and initiatives to support the overall wellbeing of the Mundelein community. Please see below for a list of #GCPcares Charities and Donations to-date:

* Feed My Starving Children: $1260 and 140 donated hours 
* Barbells for Boobs: $1369 
* Adopt A Family: Adopted 12 families in 5 years 
* Ronald McDonald House: $1600 
* St Baldricks: $200 
* Soles for Souls: 104 pairs of shoes 
* St Mary’s Clothing Drive: 1362# of clothing
* Diaper Drive: 2000 diapers 
* Mustang Charge 5k: $80

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