Foundation + Pillars = Sustainable Results

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Foundation + Pillars = Sustainable Results

Today we complete the temple of fat loss. As you’ve probably heard many times, our body is a temple. It’s the only one we get and the stronger you build it, the more you rebuild it, and the more you focus on its internal and external structure the longer time you will get functionality out of it. The top of the temple is sustained results. With many fat loss processes what normally happens is you lose a tremendous amount of weight in a relatively quick amount of time. But then you regain those results in about half the time it took you to take it off and you usually gain an extra 10 lbs as well as lost self-esteem and a mental struggle as you feel defeated after all that weight you lost is now back on.

That’s why those lose weight fat programs are more detrimental then beneficial. We need to instead focus on the process to create sustained results. Yes this process might take a few months longer than the lose weight fast schemes but when you get to the end results you will be able to sustain and function there for the rest of your life.

As you’ve been reading over the last couple weeks in our The Process of Fat Loss and 5 Pillars of Success for Fat Loss blogs, it takes a systematic approach to achieve these sustained results. If any part of the process is weak then the whole temple will crumble over time. Let’s review these real quick.


Your Why: The reason you want to lose weight. More than just physical, but emotionally and mentally as well.

Self-Awareness: Understanding your strengths and weaknesses so you know how to attack the things you struggle with and utilize the things you are great at.

Discipline: The daily action of following through with the plan.


  1. Exercise
    • Being active daily as well as getting your heart rate high enough to burn calories.
  2. Stress Management
    • Learning ways to reduce stress at home and work are extremely important
    • Working on your mindset and only worrying about controlling the things you can control and not letting the things out of your control bother you.
  3. Sleep
    • 7-9 hours is recommended for fat loss, most people who get closer to the 8-9 see better results
    • Creating a sleep routine is one of the best ways to get consistent sleep
  4. Nutrition
    • Simple formula: Eat real foods, mostly plants, not too much
    • It really isn’t that confusing but everyone wants to find the way to eat bad but still lose weight. Unfortunately the only will sustainable way to lose body fat is to eat healthy for a long period of time (like the rest of your life).
  5. Lifestyle
    • In social events, making healthy food choices, saying no to alcohol more often than not, going for walks instead of watching tv.
    • Usually you have to drastically reduce how often you eat out as well.


We’ve created a quick tool to help walk your through the process of setting up your foundations and plan for the 5 pillars. Check out our PDF called The Process.


Spend some time going through the tool provided. Think about the times you have struggled with past programs. What were your limiting factors? What about it made it successful and what do you think was the cause of the weight coming back on? Which of the 5 pillars do you struggle with?

Don’t try to tackle them all at once, work on some of the bigger underlying issues first. Such as discipline. If you struggle to follow through, build a simpler plan that you cannot fail at. If you struggle with water, instead of going from 40oz a day to 100, how about go from 40-60, then once you kill that, then go to 80 and so on. It’s better to be ridiculously consistent and make slow progress, then up and down and tackle huge chunks at a time but end up failing more often than succeeding.

If you have any questions or comments post them below. If you know how you’re going to tackle this and what you’ll start on first comment that as well, we’d love to help you build success!

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