Fit for Fall Challenge

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Fit for Fall Challenge

Get Fit for Fall in 6 short weeks!

Beginning September 13th in Mundelein, Game Changing Performance will be launching a 6 week transformation challenge to help local area residents get healthy and feel better.. GCP is looking for participants from across the suburbs to take part in a challenge to change their lives and cut inches. Game Changing Performance will accomplish this feat by combining metabolic training with a habit based approach in nutrition to challenge participants to lose as much weight as they can in a healthy manner.    


Exercise and nutrition are necessary for achieving results. When we combine nutrition and exercise the results are astounding. Transformation Challenges are great because they combine a steady workout regime with nutrition lessons delivered on a daily basis. Starting a workout and incorporating clean eating can be tough, that is why the accountability GCP provides is so vital. Without it 9 out of 10 would be unable to maintain long term sustainable change.  


Transformation challenges stand alone when it comes to getting results for their participants along with increasing their physical activity levels. On average 2 out 3 adults will quit on an exercise program if they go it alone, that is why Game Changing Performance implements a program to motivate and inspire you to keep climbing towards your goals. 


New Members=$200

Challenge Length=6 Weeks

Kick-Off Meeting=September 11th

3 Training Sessions Per week

Nutrition delivered Daily via our app.

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