February Healthy Nutrition Meal Plan

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February Healthy Nutrition Meal Plan

Looking for some health recipes along with a full on meal plan. This meal plan is meant to help you get more vegetables and more quality food in your diet. This isn’t a fat loss program exactly. It can be used many ways. If you want fat loss, then focus on eating this meals but in smaller portions. Muscle gain, try to be full often.

Here is February 2021 Healthy Nutrition Meal Plan

Some of my favorite meals during this month are:

1. Sesame Beef

2. Honey Garlic Chicken


Last month, I really enjoy:

1. Orange Chicken: it wasn’t breaded but still great

2. Mongolian beef: the flank steak was so good

3. Pulled Pork: this was our first time using BBQ sauce in the Instapot and it turned out amazing

If you missed January’s meal plan, here is the link to it: JANUARY 2021 HEALTHY NUTRITION MEAL PLAN

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