Fat Loss Tips: Fat Loss Pillar #1- Nutrition

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EAT REAL FOODS, MOSTLY PLANTS, NOT TOO MUCH! As most people have always heard, nutrition is an extremely important part of fat loss. Even though there isn’t any true proof of this. Most nutritionists will say diet is 75% of the fat loss equation. I would have to completely agree with that.

At Game Changing Performance, we use the nutrition mantra of, EAT REAL FOODS, MOSTLY PLANTS, NOT TOO MUCH. We’ll break that down in depth in a future post. It’s the basic idea of how we approach a real food outlook with clients. We concentrate on fruits and veggies while controlling our quantities.

Is it quantity or quality of food that is more important? The answer is actually they both are just as important. You can eat a low amount of calories of just snickers and have no micro nutrients. Maybe you’ll lose weight but not a lot of body fat. You could also eat only meats, vegetables, and healthy fats and end up gaining weight. You are in-taking more calories then you are burning. So they are both very important to the nutrition equation.

Our main approach to fat loss is we focus on creating healthy everyday habits. Using our nutrition mantra and slowly build on our weakest nutritional habits. It’s best to attack nutrition in a systematic approach by working on your lowest hanging fruits first.

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