Fat Loss Tips: Consistency

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Fat Loss Tips: Consistency

Consistency might be the most important word in fat loss. It honestly is the secret sauce.
The idea of consistency is being awesome over 7 days at a time, 30 days in a month, 12 months in a year, 40 straight years.
I know that sounds daunting but it’s the honest reality, you can just be consistent for 5 days a week, for 3 months, every couple years and figure all your fat loss goals will come true. Because they won’t. Most likely you won’t achieve any fat loss.
Quick breakdown of what consistency in fat loss is:
  • 3 strength training workouts a week
  • 3-4 30 min walks/activity on non-strength training days
  • Eating on a meal plan (not a specific one, just your weekly plan you create on Saturdays) 7 days a week. Eating off the meal plan 1 or 2 times max over 2 weeks.
    • Doesn’t mean you can eat out, just needs to be planned and it’s not a cheat meal, just healthy eating out.
  • Going to bed 7hrs before your alarm goes off 95% of the time.
We’ll come back to consistency in many blogs going forward but it really is the secret sauce. It’s just the idea of committing to the process. In every other aspect you have a process of how you drive to work, when you pick up the kids, how you do everything in life, health and fat loss need that same thing.

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