Fat Loss Chronicles: Takeaways & 2019 goals

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Fat Loss Chronicles: Takeaways & 2019 goals


If you made it through all the blog posts about The Fat Loss Chronicles leading up to now you can see there were a lot of ups and downs throughout the year. It definitely wasn’t a linear process by any means. I look back over the year and think about what could have been. What if I would have stayed stricter, what if I would have implemented more strategies, what if I had kept my calories lower, etc. I could have probably reached 83lbs this year. I know people who have lost that much this year, who have had a bigger change than me. But then I take a step back and breathe. I have to remember that I have those 100’s of pounds over the years because I didn’t take my time and learn lessons along the way.

I read a ton of business books and they talk about failure being the best lesson of all if you learn from it. Well that’s what I’ve honestly done my whole life with fat loss. I have learned so many strategies, tools, and skills over the years. It has forced me to keep looking for the right solution for me. I am still not at my goal so I’m going to continue to learn over rest of my life on how to eat for myself, how to handle my personal fat loss issues. I’m learning that I’m continuing down a path of mastery of fat loss. It’s a never ending process but because I’m willing to keep trying, keep learning, keep digging I will not only be able to overcome my own situation but also help many others overcome theirs.

Over this last year, I have so many takeaways but here is my list of the 10 most impactful lessons I took from this year for me.


1) It’s a process of mastery: there is no magic bullet, nothing that will allow you to lose rapid amounts of weight that is sustainable. It really comes down to mastering the basics extremely well and continuing to build on that one step at a time.

2) Creating a plan for obstacles: You can’t see all obstacles but the ones you know of try to create plans for them. If you know you will be in meetings, email ahead of time to see food that will be there. If you know you are flying but not sure when you’ll eat, eat ahead of time and pack small snacks for the trip.

3) Executing the plan: You can build the coolest, sexiest and perfect plan but if you don’t execute it then it was a waste of time. The plan is built to make it so you don’t have to make decisions so don’t decide, just execute.

4) Fat loss is not linear: Man it would be great if each week and month you could calculate exactly how much weight you would lose. But fat loss doesn’t work that way. Hormones go up and down, stresses and the body releases fat differently based on foods in your system. There are way too many factors, even if your do everything perfect to figure out how fat will come off.

5) Water is so so so important: Every time I would realize I was falling off and binging a lot, I would notice my water intake was way down. When I concentrated on getting it back up then I would have way more will power. Water is incredibly powerful in the body but it’s always a baseline habit that helps everything else reset.

6) Keep adjusting and never quit: Whenever you run into a road block you can do 1 of 2 things. You can quit and say this doesn’t work, or you can adjust and find a solution for the newest obstacle. Things will work great for a while and then you will need to adjust, I learned that I am constantly adjusting almost weekly.

7) There will be set backs, deal with it: This will not be a perfect process. You will go back up in weight often, then come back down. You will do awesome at one outing and then next one will blow up in your face. You’ll go 3 weeks without a binge and then you’ll binge for 2 weeks even though you thought you were past it. But no matter what, deal with it and get back on the horse.

8) It’s really not a food issue: No matter how much I want to blame it on sugar addictions or food addictions, honestly it’s not that. I only have those cravings when emotionally I am struggling, when I’m exhausted or super stressed. When things are out of my control I dive into food instead of taking a moment to figure out what the real issue is.

9) It is hard: If it feels easy then it’s probably going to blow up in your face somewhere along the way. The harder it is, the more you dig your feet in, the more bulletproof you will become because of it. When obstacles hit you, you will learn to adjust instead of just saying, crap well I’m going to eat my way out of this one.

10) It is worth it: All the hard work, the foods you don’t always love, the emotional swings and the set backs are worth it. When you can see that progress month after month and you look back a year later and realize what you have done, it is awesome. It empowers you to do many things that you might have thought were impossible but when you realize if you just keep working at them, eventually that work will add up to results over time.


My goal in 2019 is to write a weekly blog post about how each day of the week has gone towards following the discipline it takes to achieve fat loss. I really don’t know what it will look like yet, my goal is for it to not really be a here is what I eat, blah blah blah. I want it to be more lessons and struggles I’ve learned, tips I can give you as I’m living the day by day. This truly is a day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, lifestyle I live. I am adjusting, working around obstacles, dealing with emotions and I want to try and share as much of that as I can. My new year’s goal of 35#’s of weight to lose and to achieve 11% body fat. I plan on sharing the journey to achieve this in real time!

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