Fat Loss Chronicles: So close I can taste it

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Fat Loss Chronicles: So close I can taste it



I started October at 245#’s. This was the perfect month for me in all aspects. I had a new nutrition coach in Jessica from WAG. She is extremely awesome and she reset my macros to numbers I was at first nervous about but now am super happy about. By mid, September I was still following the 20/40/40 but I was at 1500 calories per day. Jess moved me to 2560 calories and 34/30/36. The main change here is my carbs went from about 80 a day to 205. Man what a change that was. At first, it was hard to eat that much food. It took me a little while to get used to it and I was honestly nervous I was going to gain weight. I was having trouble losing a lot of weight 1000 calories less per day but I trusted WAG because they had a process. They believe in a slower more steady process and after seeing what my year had been like and understanding the concept of mastery this was a perfect combination for me. I hit my macros day after day after day. I recorded a streak of 21 straight days which was by far my best of the year. I did have one small binge that was caused by a long day but it only lasted one meal and I didn’t go nearly as far over my macros as I normally did. Some nutritionally it felt awesome. The workouts are really what I didn’t expect. With all the carbs in my body I could now workout at full capacity again and go hard again. This felt amazing. I was able to have my “cake” and eat it too. I pushed hard all month and had my 2nd best weight loss of the year after January. I dropped down to 237 by the end of October. The 230’s have been a special number for me. I always start to feel much better about myself in this range and my clothes fit so much better. I’m able to start wearing large shirts in certain brands and my stomach is normally smaller in size then my chest. This number is also a little taboo for me because every time I get to this range I never get any lower than it. So even though I was extremely excited I was pretty nervous.

I was only 4 pounds away from 233 which is 50 lbs on the year and I still had 2 full months left. I was riding high and really loved the process.


  • You can have higher carbs (still not 50%) and lose weight
  • You can push hard in workouts and if you have the right energy ratios it won’t cause you to binge.
  • A perfect month is not out of the question if I focus and stay disciplined to the process.


  • Daily discipline of weighing myself every day, tracking my macros perfectly to hit 0 in all categories
  • I had been working out on my own mostly the last 6 months, I started jumping back into group classes and fed off their energy which helped a ton.
  • Because I had the energy, I started to push into the Dark Place more during workouts, challenging my mental toughness.


I started this month at 237. I knew I had gauntlet of obstacles coming up but I felt mentally prepared for it all. I was actually really excited for this month after coming off a great October. I was starting to dream of hitting the 50# goal and maybe even pushing for 60#’s on the year. The 220’s have been so elusive for me since I was 23 that seeing that number would be incredible.

The first weekend of the month I had to travel to Iowa to coach at that facility. I put together a great plan with Jess for travel, I had mom pick me up all the foods I needed and I was ready. I ate great on the drive home (which is always tough for me). I had my scale with me and even though the family had pizza and ate pretty terrible while I was there I had a perfect weekend of eating, even the drive home was perfect. That had me pumped. Going home has always been a huge obstacle for me and I had won this battle which gave me hope coming up.

I killed the next week back in Illinois and my weight was 234 on Nov 13th, one pound away! I was so ecstatic. I had a business mastermind to drive to the next day for 3 days. These are usually ok for me because my buddy Marshall holds me accountable and the rest of the group knows my goals. I had emailed ahead of time and found out the meals for the 2 days in the office so I was prepped for them. For some reason on the drive down I fell into my bad habit of sweets while driving. I’m not sure if it’s because I was nervous that I didn’t have a topic for the meeting and I was struggling with what to come up with but I slipped up. That night we got there and instead of the Texas Roadhouse we had planned (I had that all calculated out already) they decided to eat somewhere else. Let’s just say the meal that came to me there definitely wasn’t what I thought it was. I did my best but it definitely wasn’t a perfect day. I did well the next morning and lunch that day, I left a lot of food for the evening so I didn’t have to worry. The only issue was we ate at noon and I didn’t eat again until after 8pm. I had left 1200 calories and did not stay inside my macros at all. My scale weight the next day wasn’t bad and I mentally got myself back on track. I ate a good breakfast, did well at lunch as well but the evening wasn’t great. I ended up staying an extra night because of an ice storm and I didn’t make good choices. I even ended up getting treats at the front desk that evening because my “sweet tooth” was driving me nuts. The drive home was just as bad if not worse than the drive down, I had kind of mailed it in for the rest of that day.

Needless to say I didn’t hit 233 that week and ballooned up to 239. Now my body can fluctuate pretty massive from day to day especially if I had a lot of sodium so overall I wasn’t too worried. I got back on track that weekend and ate well through Tuesday evening. Wednesday I was driving back to Iowa for Thanksgiving and was extremely nervous. I definitely wasn’t as prepared as I was last time, mainly because there were so many unpredictable meals to calculate for.

I started the drive off well but about half way home I ended up getting a massive amount of sweets. I had pretty much messed with myself all morning knowing I was probably going to fail and I set myself up for failure. There is so much mental stuff involved in life and we can do it do ourselves if we aren’t careful. Next few days at Thanksgiving were just bad. From sweets, to way too much food, to more sweets and so on. Friday night I actually ended up throwing up in the middle of the night. I originally thought it was my body rejecting all the crap after eating so well but it turns out it was the flu. Many other of my family members got it as well. The next day I had to make a drive home while extremely sick because bad weather was coming. I didn’t really eat the next 2 days and by Monday was starting to recover. I had one week left in November and I stepped on the scale the last day at 242!!

That was heart breaking to say the least. All that hard work from October 1st to Nov 13th washed away by not being in control for 2 weeks. Moderation would have kept me at the same weight but I over did it because I don’t have control in certain situations. Something I really need to work on.


  • Plans when executed work
  • The best laid plans when not executed don’t!
  • It’s ok not to be perfect, but I do need to be extremely disciplined when I can be, when things are 100% in my control but when I can’t I need to practice moderation instead of being out of control
  • Holidays are still something I need to work at and plan around more diligently. I do need to go in with a good solid plan, no plan is a horrible idea.


  • Planning out foreseen obstacles ahead of time. Even though it didn’t work 2 out of 3 times, the one time it did was great. Definitely need more practice.
  • Being completely honest with my food log. In the past I have had a tendency to hide big mistakes and only show little ones. This comes from the mindset of wanting to look perfect and never mess up. I’ve been 100% honest with my coach which is very new for me. November had a lot of those moments and it was hard to be fully honest but I knew my coach couldn’t help me if she didn’t know what was going on.


I started December at 242, 9lbs away from my goal. Starting the month I knew 9lbs would be hard because I had only lost over 10 once and that was at the beginning of the year when I had a bunch of extra water and other fluids to lose. So my mindset was to just focus on taking it one day at a time and see what happens. I had a couple obstacles ahead of me that I did have to work around. The first one was Nate was out of town for a week at the beginning for vacation so I was going to have to coach every day and night. With this in mind, I made a commitment to myself to go home for breakfast each morning instead of trying to eat at the gym. I also planned in workouts each day and knew I wasn’t going to get as much business work done as I normally do. So I had a good plan. Besides that I knew Christmas was at the end of the month so I really needed to focus on being awesome the first 3 weeks which was honestly very doable. I did great and executed the plan while Nate was gone. I was very tired by the time he got back and was ready for a break. I did great though and my weight actually dropped from 242 to 235 during this time. A lot of the Thanksgiving sodium was gone and my body was settling back to where it really was. I was excited knowing I was only 2 lbs away. However, Nate’s wife got really sick when they got back and it delayed his ability to coach a little. This really was no biggy but I didn’t have a good plan for it. I normally would do my grocery shopping Monday morning because the store is empty but I didn’t do the planning I needed. I also was a little stressed out for Dina because I was hoping she was ok. This led to a little stress eating. By Wednesday we were back to our normal track but my mind wasn’t quite right. I ate kind of crappy Wednesday. I did well Thursday through Saturday but had a binge Sunday evening for some reason. It was very random because I felt recovered mentally but I had blown up my back that day during a workout. I think I mentally was reverting to some of those woe is me self pitty parties. This ballooned my weight back to 239. I was again within 2 lbs and I couldn’t keep it together. These little obstacles were stressing me out, I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t will my way to the final number.

I sat with my thoughts like my coach had taught me and I thought through what I needed to accomplish this goal. What I needed to do is just take it day by day, like I had been doing all year. I just got so close to the number I was holding my breath waiting for the scale to change. This coming from a guy who preaches the scale weight is not that important to his clients. Pretty hypocritical there but my mind was having other thoughts. So on Dec 17th I did what I had done all year. I followed the process of daily discipline to achieve my goals. I stuck to my macros over the next week, laid out a plan for Christmas and just let it work. Each day that week my weight dropped a little, Saturday morning the 22nd I woke up drive home to Iowa, stepped on the scale for my daily check-in report to my coach and boom, 232.7!!!! Man that was one of the best feelings. I was so happy and even if Christmas doesn’t go perfect I can ride that number for the highs and the lows!


  • No matter how perfectly things line up you still have to execute and overcome obstacles day by day. I need to practice improvision of my nutrition and working around obstacles in the moment. I can’t foresee all obstacles and they will continue to happen over the rest of my life.
  • The day to day process really works, and when I don’t worry about a number so much it all goes well. When I concentrate on that outcome then I try to cheat the process or worry about something that is out of my control.


  • Practiced planning again for Christmas
  • Daily journaling to help me focus on the day to day
  • Two a day workouts when everything lined up (don’t recommend this for the average person)
  • Hypertrophy (body building) programming to work on physique as the weight cuts


The 4th quarter was very successful. I went from 245 to 233 and reached my goal which is always awesome. However, after such an awesome October I really had high hopes for a better November and December. I do have to be happy with myself with the fact that I had a lot of obstacles and I was able to fight through them and still lose 12 lbs during a time a year most people average 2-5lbs in weight gain. I definitely have a lot of things I need to practice from 4th quarter that will help out a lot in the next year. Holiday planning and execution of those plans is probably number one on that list.

Check out the next blog post which will recap the lessons from the 2018 year and let you know my goals and plan for updating you with 2019 as the year goes on.

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