Fat Loss Chronicles: Result without much change

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Fat Loss Chronicles: Result without much change



The first day I weighed myself in April was the day after I drove back from Iowa after Easter. I weighed in at 265. So 3 lbs heavier than last month. This is mainly due to inflammation of my gut after eating like crap for so long. April was a relatively focused month for me. I knew I was going to be seeing my business mastermind team in early May and that gave me motivation to show them the progress I had made. Training continued to be good and the effort kept increasing. Eating was closer to 90/10 this month. I only had 2 nights the whole month I had an out of control eating night but none were consecutive days which is an improvement. April was a pretty low key month for me. No travel and no distractions outside of normal life. I know summer for me always is a lot of traveling so I made sure to make the most of this month.

I ended this month at 260, so down 5 from my first weigh-in of the month but only 2#’s from end of last month. I could say this had me discouraged, mainly because I thought I put together a really good month but overall I was actually really proud of the work I put in. This was the start of my mindset of process based thinking instead of outcome based. Meaning, doing the work is the important part, you can’t control the outcome no matter what. But putting the work in day after day eventually the results will come in due time.


  • Winning more often than not 90/10 will eventually add up over a year
  • The process is really more important than the outcome because the outcome is not controllable
  • I do best when I can control my schedule 100%, even though this isn’t a long term reality
  • I can be consistent if I have my mind right


  • The quality of my protein was important this month. I started to reduce fatty red meats for more lean cuts and ate less pork.
  • Mindset switch was a big one this month. I started to consistently listen to podcasts by people that inspire me. I also read multiple books about mindset as I started to realize my mental toughness needed some work. Some good ones were Mindset, The Way of the Seal, Relentless, Unbeatable Mind, and The Champion Mindset


This month got off to a good start. I had a mastermind meeting and the guys were starting to notice the change. That was a great feeling to have others see progress. The month of workouts overall were good, I started the month at 260lbs. I trained pretty hard on my running with our first Spartan race coming up. In a Spartan, you also have to do 30 burpees if you can’t complete an obstacle so I put in a lot of work on those as well. With the higher intensity of training my nutrition slacked a little bit. The 1800 calories I was eating and only 20% carbs was wearing on me with all the high amount of volume work I was doing. I started to notice much more desire to eat larger portions. I ended the month with only a 2 lbs loss so I was sitting at 258. Throughout the month I did weigh once a week and I had a lot of ups and downs. Got as low as 254 but ended at 258.


  • Low carbohydrates were starting to take their toll on me since I was still trying to be competitive in training and with mud runs.
  • Ups and downs in weight is normal but this month is was really do to not being disciplined with my calorie intake. There wasn’t a lot of binging, mainly just eating larger portions than my macros were supposed to be.
  • Even though people were noticing changes, I still wasn’t seeing it much in my clothes or in the mirror.


  • I added extra mobility work a couple times a week. My body was feeling beat up and I knew I needed to recover better.
  • I was cooking meals only 3 days at a time, whereas I used to cook a week at a time. This allowed for more fresh food and made food more enjoyable.
  • I started writing daily gratitude’s to help with my mindset and remind me of things I’m thankful for.


I started this month at 258. This was the month of the Spartan race. Everything was fixated on this race. I had a little traveling to do as well which I wasn’t looking forward to. It ended up down pouring leading up the Spartan. It was the muddiest race I had ever been a part of. You could barely pick your feet up so much mud was making you sink. It was fun, we all had a blast but it physically was exhausting. After this race it lead to multiple weekends in a row of eating high carb binge style dinners. I technically had planned this out as a rewards because we didn’t have another race until the end of July but that didn’t help my goals at all. With those huge meals, traveling and eating bad while doing that, it ended up being one of my worst months nutritionally of the year. I was so used to rewarding myself for effort with food instead of rewarding myself with the accomplishment itself. I didn’t really realize this until the end of the summer but I’ve had an issue with the rewarding side of food forever. I ended the month exactly where I started 258#’s. Which now that I look back at it, was actually impressive considering how bad I ate. I had a lot of days where I ate very little because the other days I ate out of control. It was not a healthy month of eating at all.


  • Eating less because I had a bad day of eating just feeds the beast of yo-yo. I needed to continue to eat consistent amounts of food, even after binging so that I could get my blood insulin to level out but I wasn’t doing that. I was making it high and low thinking I was helping myself out but in the long run I was feeding the issue.
  • Rewarding myself after effort events is something I need to start getting away from. Using food as a fuel source and less as a reward is a healthier way to live. I am definitely still working on this but am doing much better.
  • Doing things that challenge yourself, like the Spartan is a great way to get uncomfortable and push to levels you didn’t know you had.


  • I started a new set of food rules to help give me bright lines to certain aspects of my life. These were things I noticed that could have a big impact on certain parts of my nutritional habits.
    • No eating in the car
    • Drink 2 glasses of water before breakfast and lunch
    • Drink ice cold water throughout the day
  • Having my mom have food waiting for me when I travel back to Iowa really helped me be more under control when traveling.


I started this quarter at 262 and ended at 258#’s. So by most measures, 4 lbs in 3 months is not that much progress. But it was progress none the less. I knew at this time that 83 lbs was going to be a very hard goal at the rate I was going and I either needed to adjust my expectations or find some ways to improve on my weaknesses. Actually I ended up doing both. I looked at what I had left for the year and knew that I had some very busy times coming up so hitting 50#’s on the year would be a really awesome year in the grand scheme of things. I also had to look deeply at what was more important, training hard like I had been which was affecting my nutrition or backing off training and putting more focus on my nutrition. I did have 2 more mud runs coming up and in the 3rd quarter blog I’ll let you know what my decision was.

As I’m reviewing my year now and I start looking back at the changes I had, it becomes clear it’s really hard to see things when you’re in the moment. The day by day is always tough to judge but month by month is as well. If someone had told me I would be down 25lbs half way through the year I actually would be really happy with that. But since I had set my goals to be down 41 lbs at that current time I was pretty mad at myself. Could I have done more to achieve that number, hell yes. I could have been way stricter, could have figured out discipline better, etc but overall I was in a journey and losing 2-5 lbs each month was actually going great in the grand scheme of things. It wasn’t too hard to do, I was able to have good and bad moments and still lose weight. I could train hard which I could do on Ideal Protein and I honestly was loving training again. So looking back on this, the first half of the year was really successful for me overall and I’m proud of the fact that even though I did have struggles I was continuing to work daily at getting better.

As you can see each month I was adding a few new tools to my plate to help me in the long run win the fat loss race. Those habits compounded over a lifetime will help me maintain these changes whereas in the past I always struggled to maintain it. Now let’s see how I went about losing the other 25#’s!

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