Fat Loss Chronicles: Progress not perfection

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Fat Loss Chronicles: Progress not perfection



July started off pretty unhealthy for me. I went on a trip with my family to Tennessee and we didn’t exactly eat healthy, haha. It was a blast though. When I got back from that trip I weighed in at 260 so up two pounds from June 28th when I last weighed. I wasn’t overly upset, knowing I knew I would eat well during that trip. I quickly got back on track and ended up having one of the best months of the year for me. I had a trip down to my buddy Marshall Ray’s of Faster Fitness in St Louis and he and his wife Savannah had some great insight to some tips to help my cravings. These ended up being pretty game changing for me. They gave me some simple solutions to help with my sweet tooth like sugar free jello on hand, sugar free popsicles and things like that to keep on hand. I was able to implement those into my daily eating and went to them for the sugar cravings and was able to battle a lot of that. I also used Marshall’s InBody body fat machine while there and it confirmed that 200 pounds would be the ideal body weight for the leanness I wanted to create. So it was nice to have an exact target and know that it is reasonable to work towards. We had a mud run at the end of the month, the Savage race and that went great. I did get a little heat exhaustion from it but otherwise it was a success. With traveling twice in July I actually went from 260 down to 252 during that month. I was proud of some of the changes I made during the month that might help me sustain the losses.


  • I can lose weight even in months when I travel. I just have to be disciplined while not traveling.
  • I had decided to reduce my overall training load because my carbs weren’t high enough and that did help me reduce my cravings. I didn’t love giving up the training but at the time I thought that was what was best for my fat loss goals.
  • Sweets are ok, just have to make the right choices and not gorge yourself on them


  • Reduced workouts from 10 a week to 5 a week, this was easier to recover from and reduce binges for the time being
  • Added non-sugar and low carb sweets into my diet but not as a staple, more as an emergency food. I made sure they were ones that if I binged on them it wouldn’t really mess up my diet at all.


August started off at 252#’s. This month had some travel in it, but one of the travels were to the CrossFit games. Which is where the fittest on Earth were. You’d think I’d eat pretty healthy there but honestly I didn’t. Everyone there was so crazy fit that even though I was in awe of the physical nature of the competitors and the hard work everyone had put in it made me a little ashamed of where I was at. Even though I had come a long way’s this year, there were many times throughout the year that I didn’t feel comfortable in my own body. So I actually ate pretty badly during the games, a lot of times this isn’t even conscious to me until after the fact. The rest of month where ups and downs of binging and super strictness. This was unfortunately becoming a norm and was making me nervous. I was afraid I was going to start going down the path of weight gain. Many times I hit huge road blocks and I start climbing back up. We had a rugged maniac at the end of that month and had 50 some clients do it. It was an awesome experience to do it with all of them and I was really happy with the summer of mud runs we had put in.

I ended August at 248 which actually made me really happy to see the 240’s for the first time in a couple years. Even though the progress seemed slow, I was happy to end each month hitting new milestones. It was starting to set in with me at this time that every time I hit a new 10lbs club (260, 250, 240, etc) it was going take me about 2 months to move into the next set as my body and habits started to catch up to that new eating point. Mentally I was starting to understand the process of fat loss and started to realize that faster is not better, consistently working towards getting better is the only thing that mattered.


  • I realized at the CrossFit games that I needed to start working a self-love some and needed to start accepting that I was working towards something. It wasn’t going to happen this year, it might take a couple years for me to achieve the leanness I really desire to have.
  • Having goals outside of just fat loss has added benefits. This year it was 3 mud runs and when my mind was tired of doing the nutrition work, I had fitness to fall back on to get ready for the runs. It was the first time I had run fitness and nutrition on the same path since football and it was making it much easier to stack them together because they fed off each other.


  • Chiropractic care was something I did weekly by this point. I have always seen a chiro but not as consistently as I had in late July and August. Dr Brian of Libertyville Wellness Group was helping me keep my body healthier than I had kept it in honestly forever. I was few and far between major back issues, to this point I’ve probably only had 3 back issues all year and normally I would have a big issue each month.
  • I was grilling a lot during this month. I realized that food tasted so much better on the grill and I spent a lot of time learning how to prepare it.


September started at 248 pounds. This month had some big obstacles and I was pretty nervous about it. One obstacle is I was living alone for the first time in 4 years. My roommates had just bought their first house and I had a bachelor pad. This made me nervous because I was afraid I was going to binge eat like crazy. Having Nate and Dina around always helped a ton. They helped with accountability and I didn’t want to eat like crap with them around because I knew I had made a commitment to them as well. The other thing was EFPS, which is a big fitness event where I get to see some of my best friends in the fitness industry. I knew I had made some great changes by this time but realistically I felt like I had fallen short, my goal was to be at 225 by this point when I started the year and I was nowhere near that. I had readjusted that goal to 238 in July but starting this month I was 248. I worked hard leading up to the event but only got to 242 by the time the event started. Many people complimented me on the noticeable change and that really felt great. Even though I stare at myself in the mirror every day and don’t see anything, other people see the change. That’s why it’s always great to compliment someone because you never know how impactful it can be to them.

At this event is where I solidified my idea of The Process of Fat Loss. I started to really think about the fact that I was honestly mastering fat loss over my life time. Had I figured out the sustained results, not long term yet but I knew that this slow dedicated path is the right direction to go. So from that point on I had a mindset shift both for our business and my personal journey. I started relating everything back to a process, the step by step by step chain of events that create long term change. This works in business, in building equipment, in building a brand and in changing your life in general. I also made a decision to find join a macro nutrient coaching program called Working Against Gravity. I had been following them forever and knew if I really wanted to step up my game I need to get help with my consistency on hitting my macros. I ended the month at 245.


  • I had a huge mindset shift that honestly will affect the rest of my life. Changing everything to thinking about the process and how life really is about mastery more than anything.
  • Even though you don’t see progress, others might so it’s good to hear compliments.
  • I can do this even by living alone.


  • Added a macros coaching program to help me improve my macro consistency
  • I started using my Hypervolt mobility tool daily to help my body overcome stiffness so I could train hard every day I did workout.


From July to the end of September I lost 13 lbs, a big improvement over 4 lbs from the quarter before. I learned a lot about myself during this quarter which was the best thing about it overall. I learned that I could function on my own and not worry about eating out of control every day. I learned I have to practice self-love and work on how I feel about my body. I realized that this journey is going to take much longer that just the weight I want to lose and that I need to keep it all in perspective. I realized that even though I don’t see progress doesn’t mean it’s not happening. At the end of this quarter I was still 12 lbs away from my 50 lbs goal and 45 lbs away from my stretch goal of 83. I knew the 83 by this point truly wasn’t going to happen and I had accepted that fully now. But I knew the 50 was doable. I really was mostly happen about realizing that The Process of Fat Loss is what I’m great at, it’s what can make me special in this world. All the years of struggles I have been through really are something that I can help impact others with and now I know exactly why I need to talk about my journey’s so other can be impacted and understand how to work through them.

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