Fat Loss Chronicles: First 21 pounds

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Fat Loss Chronicles: First 21 pounds



I stepped on the scale early in the morning and it was number I never thought I’d see. It read 283 #’s, I literally almost started crying it hurt so much. I was less than 20#’s away from 300 which to me is a number I swore I would never let myself see. I couldn’t believe that I had let myself climb to that number. Every time I would get down to 230#’s I would gain it back and about 10 more pounds than the last time. I knew that this year had to be different so I started to think in long term instead of short term. The first thing I did is I made commitments to myself of what I was going to sacrifice. My goal was to get to 200#’s by Dec 31st. I knew 83#’s would be tough but I wanted to push myself.

I was first going to sacrifice any dating relationships this year. I agreed no dating during 2018. I also decided that I was going to be relatively anti-social because I didn’t want outside temptations. Then I promised I was not going to take any short cuts or try to “cheat” the process. I was working with a nutrition coach, Nancy of the Grateful Plate. We had decided on me doing macro tracking because my brain works best in an analytical sense and with rules. I’m not the type of person that can just be given a general concept then told to try my best. I need bright line boundaries. Each person is different and for me this was very freeing. Macros are when you track a specific number of carbs, proteins and fats every day in a food log like My Fitness Pal. She gave me 20% carbs, 40% proteins, 40% fats and we did this off of 1800 calories.

January we were also trying something new in our coaching, Nathan would coach every morning and I would coach all evenings. So this meant for me to get a group workout in I had to workout at the 530a class every day. The month overall went really well. I had a conference in Miami and I did a great job of eating extremely healthy and light on calories. I worked out 5 days a week at 530a and stayed dialed in on my macros. I ended the month down 15lbs, which put me at 268.


  • I always have a strong will power at the beginning of the year so I can handle being very strict with myself in January
  • Consistency every day of the month is what lead to such a big month for me. I didn’t have any binges during the month and I never missed a workout.
  • Take advantage of motivation while you have it, it can’t carry you forever but it can really get you started and through some sticking points.


  • I really put a lot of focus on water in January. I drank half my body weight in ounces every day. I tracked this with rubber bands around my water bottle each accounting for 20oz.
  • Workouts I focused on just getting them in. I didn’t worry about intensity, I just worried about showing up. I didn’t do anything extra outside the gym for training.
  • I went to bed with 8 hours of sleep available.


This month started off at 268#’s. This month had some emotional lows for me. Whenever Valentines day comes around it’s always tough being single. I had my first binge of the year around this time. It didn’t last too long only one meal. Which is actually a hug win for me. I noticed that our new coaching schedule was starting to wear on me. I was at the gym in the morning and the evening and by the time I was done coaching in the evening it was time for bed. My consistency in hitting my exact macros was about 80%, I was finding carbs sneaking in too often but more sweets than vegetables. My will power was getting weak and I couldn’t sustain on that anymore. I was still consistent with my workouts. I honestly wasn’t loving working out, it was still feeling like a chore and my effort was subpar but I was continuing to put in the work. I ended the month at 265#’s. This was disappointing for me after losing 15#’s in month one. I wasn’t discouraged though knowing that because I had a huge month before I was on pace for my 83# goal I set for the year.


  • Life has highs and lows. These unfortunately aren’t always controllable.
  • I wasn’t giving myself enough rest and recovery time. I should have been taking 1 day off during the week so I could regain coaching energy.
  • I was relying too often on will power instead of good food prep strategies.


  • I got a diffusor with essential oils to help me continue to build a better sleep routine
  • I used ROMWOD mobility app to help me improve my flexibility
  • I focused on getting my carbs (which was 20% about 80 carbs per day) from mainly vegetables


I started this month at 265#’s. To start this month, both Nate and I agreed to go back to our normal schedule of coaching (every other day) because we were both getting exhausted from early mornings every day. This was a huge relief for me because now I could workout in some evening classes and I always have more energy in those. I was able to push pretty hard during those workouts as well as we had started doing mud run training every Sunday morning so I was getting good workouts then. We had an intense month of hard workouts that month in general and I was starting to enjoy fitness again. March is my birthday month and that hit me a little when I turned 32. There are many reasons for this, one was that I was still battling my weight at this age which bothered me and also being single at 32 was no fun either. So I did have some food binges around this time because food was still my go to stress reliever. Easter was at the end of this month. I went home for Easter and didn’t do a great job of eating. My family is not the healthiest (even though my mom is always willing to cook separately for me) but because they eat poorly I normally cave and eat what they are having. I had way too many sweets and potatoes during this trip. I also struggle a lot with eating while driving. My family lives about 7.5 hours from me and I snack on sweets literally the whole trip. It normally is banana Laffy Taffy, sweet tart ropes, and beef sticks are my main ones with corn nuts and other candies mixed in. The trip there and back normally gets me super sick from all the crappy food I eat. I ended this month at 262.

At this time, I hadn’t really accepted what a good month of weight loss was. I was hooked on thinking I could lose 5-8 lbs every month even with screw ups. So overall I wasn’t too happy with 262.


  • I was starting to enjoy fitness again which was a great feeling. There was once a point in my life when I would workout twice a day just because I enjoyed to exercise.
  • My energy was coming back now that we were back to a normal coaching schedule so I didn’t have to rely as much on will power.
  • I had a lot of emotional attachments around dating and I needed to give myself a year to figure that all out as well besides just worrying about fat loss
  • Food was a crutch for me when it came to loneliness and emotions and I need to dig deeper into that.


  • Working out competitively once a week really helped me gauge what I needed to improve on. It also helped fuel my competitive side and I haven’t had that since college.
  • Setting a goal of completing 3 mud runs during the summer helped me stay focused to training because I didn’t want to struggle with those races.
  • Making sure no food was in the house that I wasn’t supposed to have. I only bought what I needed.
  • I tried to buy groceries when I was full not hungry.
  • Room darkening for sleep
  • I reduced the amount of cheese I was eating


Looking back on it now, I had lost 21 lbs during the first quarter of the year, which is an average of 7lbs per month. It was actually very impressive and I had made some very positive changes in my life during this time. Even though at the time I didn’t realize it, the process of fat loss was underway. That slow trickle of fat coming off each month is much more sustainable. The body adapts much better and resets it set points much easier. I think my biggest two takeaways were consistently showing up for workouts 4-6 days a week and building in that habit. As well as finding a nutrition plan that makes sense in my head (macros). These things both fit in my life well and started to jump start that fat loss process.

The 2nd quarter blog will be coming out soon, please check back to see how I continued to work slowly on this journey.

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