Every person that walks in our doors is in the same boat. That’s why we’ve designed a program that can modified for all levels. Whether you haven’t missed a beat in your training and just looking for a push or someone who has never once worked out, we have designed a level for you. We also have coaches leading all sessions who’s main goal is to put you in the right position to succeed. 

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YES!! We believe nutrition needs to be a part of the equation of fat loss. We have a couple different ways for you to get nutrition with us. We do transformation challenges during the year but we also offer one on one nutrition coaching.

Check out our Game Changing Nutrition Coaching page to learn more.

Yes! But it won’t all come from just working out. It’s a combination of doing the workout program and the nutrition program. Each body part can be improved and changed to a desirable look if consistency and effort come from the member side.

If you are really worried about this, read this article. (http://www.stumptuous.com/this-just-in-high-rep-low-weight-toning-is-crap) But the short answer is no, lifting weights will not bulk you up. In fact, it will help you burn more calories and look better naked.

If you are really worried about this, read this article. (http://www.stumptuous.com/this-just-in-high-rep-low-weight-toning-is-crap) But the short answer is no, lifting weights will not bulk you up. In fact, it will help you burn more calories and look better naked.

The short answer is 99% of the time yes. For most injuries / mobility issues we have modifications inside of our group training to account for these. If it’s a severe injury we do have personal training program as well we can put you in that we can tailor more for that issue.

If it’s something that can be corrected we do have some awesome chiro’s and physical therapists we work with that can possibly improve specific issues as well.

No, but we do have two restrooms that you can change in and freshen up in.

At GCP, we pride ourselves on being able to help folks work around little aches and pains as well as pulled muscles or old injuries. It’s part of what we do best!

So if you have are wanting to hold because of an injury or mobility issue, please just email [email protected] and let us know the issue and we’ll give our coaches strategies to best help you keep working out and not aggravating that injury.

If you do need to hold because of a long vacation, travel month, specific surgeries, anything that will force you to not be able to physically be at the facility, then fill out our MEMBERSHIP HOLD FORM

Plus put membership restart date in the same line as the hold start date.


  • We need a minimum of 10 days before the end of the month’s notice to do this. 

  • If you put on hold too late, you’ll be charged for that month but we’ll hold the following month (we get charged for returned memberships by our billing software)

  • Holds can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months max. 

    • If you do not give us a restart date of your membership that is within that window, you’ll be considered a cancellation. 

    • If canceled, when you return, you will have to do a 6-month commitment again and your pricing will be updated to our current pricing model.

If you are OUTSIDE of your first 6 month membership, you may cancel with 30 days notice for any reason. You can cancel by heading on over to our membership cancellation page and filling out the cancellation form.

If you are INSIDE your first 6 month membership, you may cancel with 30 days notice (specified on your membership agreement) for the following reasons: relocation or medical.

RELOCATION: You May Cancel Due to a Move without a fee. If you move 10 miles or more from any current Breakaway Fitness & Performance, you must provide sufficient proof of the move. Sufficient proof includes, but is not limited to a copy of a new lease signed by Breakaway Fitness & Performance member and their lessor, a real estate purchase agreement on the purchase of a new home or a new utility bill in member’s name. You must fill out a moving form (the “MF”) at least 30 days prior to the anticipated move or cancellation. Required documentation must be present when completing the form so we can make copies. You’re still responsible for payments that fall within the 30 day period after you complete the MF. The MF may be requested by. Notwithstanding the foregoing, or anything contrary contained in this Agreement, entering into bankruptcy, death or incapacitation shall immediately terminate this Agreement. 

MEDICAL: If your doctor finds you medically unable to workout for more than six months, we will just need a letter from your physician. They do NOT need to give us specifics, just their medical opinion that you are unable to work out for at least six months. You are welcome to scan and email to us or bring it by in person.

If you’d like to cancel for any other reason, first off, we will miss you! Please review the policy from your membership contract below:

Early Membership Cancellation: If you wish to cancel your Membership, you must provide 30 days notice, complete a cancellation form (the “CF”) on our membership cancellation page, and you will be charged a fee of $350. Any charges within the 30 days will be assessed as well.

Which app do I download: ANDROID  Apple

I forgot my password: Click forgot password on the app and reset it

At GCP, want to make sure everyone feels comfortable as we try to keep the environment from being intimidating in anyway. Because of this, we do have a dress code. Nothing crazy, we just want to make sure folks are fully clothed when in the facility.

  • MEN: We keep our shirts on
  • WOMEN: we wear shirts and not a “sports bra only”.
  • For the safety of our members we ask that you rock closed-toed shoes at all times.

Finally, please don’t wear shorts that reveal more than they actually cover.


You have 4 hours before your scheduled session to cancel a class or it becomes a late cancel. A late cancel does pull from the total sessions you have in a month.


You can sign up for a class up to 30 minutes before a session. Please don’t show up to a session without scheduling as there might not be a spot for you.


Watch this video to understand what this means: WAITLIST


Here is a video that explains this in depth and how it works at GCP- DELOAD WEEKS

Deload weeks take place:

  • Each Spring during Spring Break
  • Each Summer around the 4th
  • Each Fall around the last week of September
  • Each Winter from Christmas to New Years

Just email Nathan and let him know what you’d like to do.

Each tier is a $20 increase.

  • Our lowest tier is the 2x/week
  • You can go all the way up to 5x/week
  • So add $20 for each time per week increase you would like.

We need this request 10 days before the end of the month to decrease your sessions for the next month.



This is a FREE meeting where our transformation director sits down and digs into your goals, see if this program is right to help you transform, and if so, then together you create an individualized transformation plan to the specific results you desire.

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