Do the Work

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Do the Work

There is a book that I listen to every year called Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. It’s an incredible story of the Navy Seals and how these guys practice what they call extreme ownership. The concept is, you need to take responsibility for your actions. No one else is responsible for the choices you make and no matter what happens, there is some sort of control you have in each situation that you can take ownership of. It’s an incredible philosophy that I try to live out each day. If you’re interested in the book you should listen to it via audio-book because Jocko and Leif are incredibly powerful story tellers. Check out this YouTube clip from Jocko called Good, it’ll get your mind right quickly.

Today’s blog is taking that philosophy into your fitness and nutritional life and start taking control of your results.

As fitness coaches, we hear a ton of excuses, a TON!! I don’t have the time to workout, time to meal prep, time to eat healthy and time to do my mobility. We also take the blame a lot to. I thought because I joined the gym I was going to lose weight, I thought I was going to get that six pack, I thought I was going to achieve all these great things just because I pay for a gym membership….

I’m here to spit some hard truth at most people because anyone that knows me, knows I will tell you exactly as it is, no need to sugar coat it because I’m being authentic and honestly I’m doing it from a place of caring. The truth is…it’s on YOU…not on anyone else. You have to be willing to do the work and you aren’t doing it.

There are 168 hours in a week, you spend 3-5 hours max working out. That 163 hours where your results are on your plate. It’s my job to give you the tools, to help guide you, to be there for advice BUT it’s your job to DO THE WORK. I can’t stop you from putting the cookie in your mouth, your co-worker can’t stop you from drinking that soda, your spouse can’t make you workout. Those are all on you, so you need to take extreme ownership and know that the results will 100% come from the choices you make every day.

Don’t get me wrong, I know your life is hard. I know you are really busy, you have people pulling you in every direction, and you have other priorities. BUT that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take responsibility for your own fitness, your own nutrition, and the way you think about how to achieve your results. If you don’t want to lose weight or achieve a goal, you mainly just want to work out I think that’s awesome. I wish everyone really was there but if your goal is to make a specific change like 6 pack abs, lose 20lbs, stop eating sugar, etc. Then you have to take ownership of the things that it takes to do those things. It’s not just showing up, it’s doing the work consistently, day after day, week after week, month after month until you achieve that goal. Then guess what, to stay at that goal you have to continue to do the work that got you there or else, you’ll be right back to where you were. YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK!!

Take a minute to give yourself a quick self assessment. We are just going to stay in the realm of nutrition and fitness for this blog but really you should do this in all aspects of your life. I want you to take moment and think about your SMARTER goal. I’m going to use losing 20lbs as my example but replace the 20lbs with whatever your current goal is.

  • How important is losing 20lbs in my list of priorities?
  • Do I actually understand what it truly takes to accomplish this goal?
  • It will take months and daily effort to lose 20lbs, do I really want to do all the extra work for that?
  • How did I get the extra 20lbs on my body? Was someone force feeding me or was I making those choices every day?
  • Am I the type of person that blames other people or am I the type of person that realizes I’m in control of my actions and choices?

After taking that assessment you should be able to see some common threads. The main thread is you have 100% control over this process but you have to truly want to make those choices.

As you can see from what I’ve mentioned so far, our body changes and goals are all about the daily choices. Those of you who have seen my transformation this year know that I have slowly been changing as the year went along. Losing weight here and there to add up to great change. But this came from taking extreme ownership of my nutrition and fitness. I no longer was making the excuses of being too busy, being too stressed or not being a good cook. I realized that only one person was going to be able to help me lose weight…THAT WAS ME. In the past, I’ve tried every way to cheat my way to quick changes but this time it was about just owning the past choices I had made and now doing the work it takes to get the weight off. I personally have had nutrition coaches for years. Each of them has taught me many skills and tools along the way. But until I took ownership of not putting the damn cookie in my mouth and not going out to eat 4 days a week could I really start to transform.

As coaches, we see this a ton. People want to put the blame on the people who are the most supportive of them on their journey. Instead of putting the blame where it belongs, on their actions and choices. It’s great that you have made a choice to have someone help you along your journey but that’s just the first step. No one you hire for any service or even product for that matter can do the work for you, you HAVE TO DO THE WORK. You are paying for the tools, the support, and the skill development to be able to go home at night and meal prep, to put max effort into the workout, and to do your stretching so your neck pain goes away. But when things go wrong, you gain 10 lbs, our low back gets out of whack or you don’t see that six pack, you instead look at the service you paid for and put the blame there. But what you HAVE to do is look in the mirror. Say to yourself, I haven’t put in the work, I didn’t meal prep consistently, I kept snacking on crap, I didn’t eat my vegetables, I didn’t do my foam rolling, I didn’t do the stretches my chiro gave me, and I have to DO THE WORK and follow through with my side of the deal which is committing and working.

We unfortunately live in a society where blaming others is way easier then ourselves. I heard this great quote that said when they point blame at someone, they really shouldn’t be looking at the pointer finger, they should be looking at thumb that is pointing up at them instead. We sue someone if we slip on ice that we saw outside on an icy day. People get mad at McDonald’s for making them fat when they made the choice to go eat at McDonald’s in the first place.

When we start to look inside, take extreme ownership of our lives, that is the day when you will be fully in control of your actions and that will be the day when you start to DO THE WORK needed to achieve those results.


  1. Figure out the last person you blamed for something that really was in your control. Apologize to them saying you know really it’s something you have control over and you need to work at. This is a very freeing thing because you instantly get the feeling of extreme ownership.
  2. Think about where you are with your current nutrition and fitness goals. What are the things that you can control that you might currently be blaming someone else for?
  3. Figure out if you really want that as a goal. Then figure out if there is some skills you might be lacking or help you might need and find them.
  4. Take extreme ownership of the goal, the process, and put a plan together to help you stay accountable for the things that need to be done.
  5. Now, go DO THE WORK

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