DISCIPLINE: What Would You Do?

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DISCIPLINE: What Would You Do?

Here is a story about a bag of mini chocolate chips…Last Friday I found a recipe for a low fat cookie dough style concoction. I was excited. So I bought all the stuff including a bag of mini chocolate chips. Over the last year I’ve changed my lifestyle eating habit over to macro nutrient tracking so I have specific amounts of food I get in a day.

So the first day I made my treat, but had a small little handful (maybe 12 mini chips) while making it (no big deal right). In macros, it is a big deal though, because that equated to 9g carbs, 4g fats, and 70 calories. This affected my tracking, I didn’t overly worry about it though. Day 2, I made the treat again, same thing happened, I had what seemed like a larger amount of extra chips while making it. The rest of these days were perfect though, I had hit on my macros exactly as I was supposed to. Day 3, I had just a little, before I started cooking, then a little in the middle of cooking, then a decent handful after cooking (this probably equated to about 40 chips, which is about 21g carbs, 9g fats and 240 cals. All and all it probably wouldn’t affect my weight loss for the day. But what I did notice is it was starting to affect my discipline.

So I had a choice to make

1) I could either just keep having this happen until the bag was gone, maybe would have taken 7-10 days, and most likely only a 250 extra calories a day at max. A bag is 1680 calories (this is about half a pound of body fat)

2) Eat the whole bag today so I wasn’t affecting myself day after day. Probably 1000 calories left in the bag. (trust me, this one was super tempting ?)

3) Throw the bag away will the 1000cal left in it, knowing my will power and discipline just aren’t going to be able to over come this temptation. (this one would be most in line with my goals I have of wanting to lose weight)

So what did I do…

I looked at the bag and weighed the outcomes. I knew for sure it was one of 2, either eat the rest of the bag tonight or throw it away. I mentally couldn’t handle beating myself up day after day with this. I thought about the pleasure and joy I was going to get from sitting down and eating that whole thing. How my taste buds were going to go nuts, how in that moment it was going to be so rewarding. I was so tempted to do it, I had a long day of coaching. Woke up at 430a (it was 8p before I got home, this was 830p when I was making this decision), coaching 6 hours of classes over the day, worked out twice, had a consultation, worked through lunch because I had a lot to get done with Nate out of town and I didn’t get my usual nap I get each day. So I was tired, definitely had burned up all the will power I had for the day and was coasting in on fumes. Then I took a second and looked down at “the tire” on my waist (this is my term for the love handles I’m working on, haha (we’ll talk about self-love in another article, something I definitely need to keep working on). I then looked at my fridge. On the fridge I have a sign that says GOAL 200lbs, 11% body fat, then says this “sacrifice today so you can finally achieve this goal so you can finally conquer it and move on with your life”. In that moment, I opened my garbage, cut open the bag and dumped it all out so I would have no way to eat it.

Now this wasn’t easy for me. I have a crazy sweet tooth, sweets have always been my main issue with achieving the fat loss goals I have. Normally I would have just devoured the bag thinking out of sight out of mind, I’ll win tomorrow instead. But every day we put it off until tomorrow is a day of our life we lose today. I knew I needed to sacrifice today because I want to achieve my goal tomorrow, not 6 years from now.

People ask me how I have lost 50lbs this year and plan on losing 5-8lbs in December even with Xmas happening. It’s not because I am not faced with the same temptations or situations as the rest of you. I have 5 Christmas parties already I’m committed to and 2 New Year’s ones. It’s not because no one in my life likes unhealthy food (if you know my family you know there are sweets all over the place and pizza is just part of life). It’s because I make choices like this on a daily and weekly basis, always putting my goal (losing 83lbs) as my priority. I don’t make excuses (anymore) about how busy my life is. I work on average 60-70 hours per week, I travel anywhere from 2-6 days a month, staying in hotels or at unhealthy family members places..shhhh don’t tell them I said that. I have big business goals and I work my ass off for them. I struggle to always get my workouts in because I am always working on the next project to improve our client’s lives to fix the issues they deal with.

One big issue I think you guys deal with is exactly what I’m writing about. It’s the fact that when you face these situations, you take the easy, instant gratitude way out. You either keep snacking on them day after day or your empty the bag into your belly. I honestly don’t know how to get you to change that about yourself, that’s why I figured I’d share this story of the chocolate chips bag to show you that fat loss is not about this one huge game changing idea that will help you lose 20lbs tomorrow. NO, it’s actually the idea of death by 1000 cuts. It’s making those choices to not be gluttonous 1000 times when you could be. It’s about slow change over a long time. 50 lbs sounds like a lot of weight, but it’s only 4.16 lbs a month, for 12 consecutive months. So in all honesty, it’s slow process, but a slow process done extremely consistently turns into incredible results. So take this second to think for a moment. How often are you faced with choices like this. It might not be as extreme as a whole bag of chocolate chips, it might be those gummy snacks you feed your child each morning and they taste so good so you just have a few or just a little bag of them. These are choices and YES they are 100,000,000% in YOUR control. I can give you 6 million different ways to eat vegetables, remind you every 10 minutes to drink water, hire you a chef to cook your food but if you don’t make the choice that is the most in line with your goals at each decision during the day (you might have 10-15 of these a day) then honestly, you’ll never achieve the fat loss goals you have created.

Let’s take ownership today of our goals and of our bodies and let’s start actually doing what we talk about doing!!

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