Creating Discipline

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We are going to go over what can motivate us to discipline certain parts of our lives, so we can achieve the goals we have set out for. Discipline is one of our pillars of fat loss success, because it creates action on the goals we set. 

Let’s first go over what we believe discipline is. At Game Changing Performance, we look at discipline as doing the things you need to do day after day, as your working on a process to achieve your goal. Being disciplined is making choices that aren’t always the norm for you, but you know by making these choices you’ll get one step closer to what your working for. 

Discipline is like a muscle, you can train yourself to get better and stronger at it. Getting more and more disciplined with aspects of your life frees you up to think less and achieve more. Discipline gets a bad wrap because being focused and strict with your life is NO FUN. But I think the complete opposite. I think when you achieve things you feel the greatness of that success, with each success you feel better and better about yourself. Over time that adds up to achieving goals and dreams you never thought you could do. So instead of actually being strict, discipline is really more like freedom. Freedom to dream and actually achieve those dreams. 

Discipline first starts with a goal in mind. What would you want to achieve by creating this discipline in your life. From there you look at what it would take to achieve it. 

Let’s use fast loss as an example. I want to lose 30lbs. What I need to do first is I need to get in the gym. So I need to build a habit of getting in the gym. I then create a plan to go to the gym, Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 830am. Now I need to discipline my lifestyle to make that happen. First I get a gym membership with Game Changing Performance because I know I need a place that will teach me what I don’t know and will hold me accountable to getting to my sessions. Then I need to make sure I don’t schedule any meetings on those days, anywhere near that time. I need to organize a gym bag and make sure I have no excuse not to make it. Then all I have to do is be disciplined enough to not miss. It might take a little while but everytime I show up my discipline for that task gets stronger. Before long it’s just part of what I do. 

Some things might never be that simple, some things like food might be something you are always having to be more strict with. You might have to make sacrifices, you might have to use will power to not get that donut at work each day. You build plans around not going to the breakroom at certain times, drinking a lot of water around that time, snacking on a treat you really enjoy instead. But that one time you slip up, gets tough to get back on track with that particular habit, so you know you have to have extreme discipline for that. That’s ok, that’s why we assess strengths and weaknesses so you know what you really need to put extra planning around so you are able to be disciplined at. 

-Chop wood, carry water
-Pound the stone
-Discipline equals freedom
-Unbeatable mind


-watch a youtube clip each morning of motivational speakers
-read passages from the bible
-write down the things you were disciplined about yesterday and what you weren’t so you can see where your strengths and weaknesses lie
-make a chart of what you need to work on, and everyday put an X in that chart as you stay disciplined to that specific task

One thing to make sure you think about is not trying to take on too much at once. If your a person that never exercises but wants to commit to working out 6 times a week, it is best to commit to 3 times a week first. Be disciplined to show up on those 3 days until you never miss, then add another and another and so on. Will power is something we can run low on, even though we can build it up and make it stronger, we need to be smart about how we utilize it as we start new habits and disciplining our mind and body. 

Today, I want you to find something in your life that you need discipline at and start a process to achieve discipline in it.

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