Corrective Exercises for Knee and Shoulder

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At Game Changing Performance, we find that a life behind the desk can be rough. Besides the mental and emotional stress that comes from a busy lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting, there is also a lot of physical wear and tear. The upper back becomes rolled over working at a computer and this can lead to shoulder issues over time. As well as the hips and quads can become extremely tight from the seated position and this shows up often in the knees.

To help our members start to fight this lifelong battle with the seated position we paired with Dr Brian Kelchen of Libertyville Wellness Group to bring you some corrective exercises you can either do at home or in the gym to help start fixing these issues.

These 3 videos are a good starting point.

Video 1: Deep Row for Postural Correction 

Video 2: Clock Lunge for Knee Stability and Strength

Video 3: Squat Depth Correction

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