Clean and Lean Transformation Challenge 2019

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Clean and Lean Transformation Challenge 2019

It’s that time of year again. Summer has been in full bloom for a few months now, school is rounding right around the corner and its probably been a few months of barbecues and summer ice cream, right? That’s ok, that is all apart of the summer experiences. That’s why we created our End of Summer Clean and Lean Transformation Challenge. We know summers can be tough and we have the solution after a long summer. 

What is the challenge all about? The idea of our transformation challenge is to help you build healthy life habits over the 6 weeks. Through exercise, diet and accountability we hope to improve your overall health, weight loss is usually just an awesome benefit of it! 

This challenge is a 6 week challenge. It starts August 12th and Ends September 21st. During this challenge you will get:

  • 3 coach led group training sessions per week
    • You will have a coach with you at all times. They will teach you all movements, help you pick the right modifications, correct technique and answer any questions. It’s all the attention of a private session but with a group of fun people to make the workout less boring.
  • Daily nutrition accountability
    • You will receive a daily lesson via our nutrition coaching app to work on each day. We will first have an introductory kickoff meeting to get you off on the right foot and then the daily message will guide you along the journey. 
    • This is not a meal plan, it’s a diet focused on teaching you how to pick the best quality REAL foods. Trying to get you to eat less processed and better quality food. 
      • We don’t follow anything specific such as Keto or Paleo. We don’t discourage either of those options as well. Our philosophy is eat real foods, mostly plants and not too much. This can be done in many ways. You could eat a ton of grassfed meat, eat a vegetarian diet, eat low carbs, eat moderate carbs, it all depends on the QUALITY & QUANTITY of your food!
    • We are also certified nutritionists and can help with any questions and guide you along this journey. 
    • If you lose 10% or more of your body weight you will get your money back for the challenge.
      • So if you weigh 200lbs and lose 20lbs or if you weight 130 and lose 13lbs you would get your money back. 
      • We love to reward people who go all in and give maximum effort
    • We also like this way more than one grand prize winner because it allows everyone who works hard a chance at a reward.
  • Supportive community
    • Our GCP Family community is like none other. As soon as someone recognizes you are new they will do their best to start up a conversation (so don’t be afraid to say hi)
    • They support you whether you are the first person done of if you are someone who is struggling on their first rep. 
    • There is no judgement from these members at all. To be honest, most people are always worried what others will think but really no one is paying attention to anyone else. They are working hard during their workout and could care less about what everyone else is doing.

Why choose GCP? We are a Body Transformation Center, we specialize in helping people change their habits, hold them accountable, push them in the gym and most of all, WE GET RESULTS!! We were voted Best of the Best in Lake County in 2019 and we have run this challenge for 5 years with amazing results each time. We average 12lbs lost and 6 inches in the waist and hips.


START DATE: Monday, August 12th
END DATE: Saturday, September 21st

LAST DAY TO REGISTER: Thursday, August 8th

  • Don’t wait too long to grab your spot, they normally go pretty fast
310 LBS
That’s how much combined weight loss members saw in our last challenge!
The scale weight is not always the most important thing, look at pictures like this and see how bodies transform.
Amazing changes happen during every challenge. Sometimes its weight loss, sometimes its inches, but the biggest change is always in the picture and how the person feels!

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