CHANGE Program

At Game Changing Performance, we believe that to truly make a change, it takes more than just workouts. It starts with changing the way you THINK. We have to learn how to control the things that we are able to and forget the things we can’t change.

The things we can change are showing up for training, making great food choices, focusing on positive thoughts, and building the life we were MEANT to live.

Our program isn’t just workouts, it’s a PROCESS that helps you TRANSFORM your life.

Our program isn’t just workouts, it’s a PROCESS that helps you TRANSFORM your life.


At GCP, we have found that one of the missing components to fitness and nutrition is TRUE accountability from coaches. Most programs put you in a workout, give you a 5 page EBook and hope you follow through with your nutrition so they can brag about the results.

In our Game Changing Transformations program we change the way it’s done. Each week, members meet on a one on one 15 minute virtual call with their accountability coach or in a group call depending on the level of accountability they desire.

This allows the coach to help the client adjust on the fly, teach them new habits, figure out the next steps, and just be a source of support on their journey.

We aren’t like other gyms, we are a transformation facility not a fitness facility. Our focus is completely on giving the member the type of accountability they need and using fitness and nutrition as just some tools in our tool kit to help with that journey.

Our Unique Programming

Whether you are a newbie or a fitness fanatic you’ll be able to fit into our program. We have designed each exercise in our program to have 1-3 levels and sometimes even more. This allows a person who might be 26 with no injuries and was a former athlete to workout next to a 56 year old who has bad knees and works construction all day.

Level 1 takes into account any major injuries that could affect a person doing a specific exercise. Let’s say you have a bum knee and can’t squat, but our station is squatting. We take this into account and have you either do an TRX Squat which takes certain painful knee angles out of play or we have you do something like the bike to completely eliminate the squat.

Level 2 would then be a bodyweight to a box to teach depth and proper technique.

Level 3 would then weight the exercise (let’s say in front of the body in a goblet hold) and the member would then lower themselves at a 3 second down pace to control tempo and make the muscles work harder.

We could continue to increase weight or change tempos as well to make the exercise harder if needed. As you can see, we can fit almost every body type and style into the design so we can tailor each workout to the specific person.

If you do have a major injury you’re overcoming or you’re very nervous to do a group training program, we do have private options as well to help build you up for our group training.

How do I figure out which level I should be doing? There is a coach in every session we have at Game Changing Performance. Their job is to lead you every step of the way. They will demonstrate all levels of movements for the class, they will give recommendations for where they think you should go, they will give recommendations for weights you could lift or look in our weight lifting tracker to see what you have been recently.

When you struggle, they are there to pick you up. They are there to encourage, help you learn proper technique, get you into a position where you can succeed at each session.

Our main goal of all our programs is accelerating fat loss. We build all our programs around helping people shed body fat. Regardless if you are someone who is 50 pounds overweight or someone who is relatively lean, having a program that sheds body fat will always help you move towards leanness. We do this by combining strength training, low impact movements and HIIT conditioning. Each one of these components have a specific purpose in accelerating fat loss.

STRENGTH – All bodies need more lean mass to help you burn more calories. This doesn’t mean you’ll bulk up, it just means you’ll have more muscle to help you burn fat and look more defined. For every pound of muscle we gain, we burn an extra 50 calories a day. Which adds up a ton in the long run. LOW IMPACT MOVEMENTS- Low impact movements allow the body to recover quicker and not create as much inflammation.

Inflammation is one of the worst things for fat loss so being able to keep those extra cortisol levels down by reducing the impact of movements allows a person to recover quicker from their workouts and reduce the overall time inflammation is high.

HIIT CONDITIONING – Getting the heart rate elevated about 80% for 3-6 minutes can have the highest rate of return on extra calorie burn with high inflammation in the body. Running or aerobic activities put a lot of joint stress and create large amounts of inflammation. Whereas, our short bursts of heart rate elevation allow us to keep inflammation down while still burning a heck of a lot of calories.

We start out with a warm-up that everyone does together, we always follow a timer so you don’t have to worry about counting.

Then we do a 20 minute strength circuit where we mix some type of strength focused exercises with core exercises and a few cardio exercises. Example would be, you could do squats at one station, then do biceps curls at another, do sit ups at station #3, jump rope at station #4 and TRX row at station #5. So not every exercise is just strength, we use a combination to keep the heart rate elevated while building muscle.

We end a session with a finisher. This is where we try to elevate the heart rate as much as possible. This is typically called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Our goal is to get the heart rate elevated high enough that you’ll get Afterburn from it. This is when the heart rate has elevated high enough that it takes 8-12 hours for it to get back down to the normal rate which means you burn slightly more calories over the next 8-12 hours then you would do from a normal workout.

One component of exercise routines is they can get boring pretty quickly for most people. However, you need to stay on a routine long enough to achieve progressive overload. In our program, we have designed workouts as 4 week phases. This allows you to get familiar with a program, progress for 4 weeks and really improve, then we bring you something new just about the time you are bored and haven’t hit a plateau.

Being too varied and too often can be detrimental to progress. We aren’t changing things up just for the sake of changing it up. We work through a spectrum of fitness designs and programming concepts to help our members achieve the most accelerated fat loss possible and create muscle definition as well.

In a phase, Monday’s are always the same for 4 straight weeks. It will either progress in terms of lifting heavier weight or the amount of reps or time will change over the weeks. Tuesday is the same all 4 weeks and so forth. But Monday and Tuesdays are different program designs and styles.

Monday might be focusing on true strength and Tuesday might be focusing on strength endurance. So no day of the week is the same program in a single week. But from week to week those days will stay the same for 4 weeks. This adds another level of variation that makes our program unique.

We hit many types of workout styles during a year from true strength, strength endurance, hypertrophy, single side focus, upper lower body splits, chaos and so much more.

5 Pillars of Fat Loss


  • The most confused yet the most important pillar
  • Simple formula: Eat real foods, mostly plants, not too much
  • No magic pills here
  • Build healthy habits over time


  • Important for hormone regulation
  • Lack of sleep = increase appetite, down regulated appetite suppressant hormones
  • 7-9 hours is recommended for fat loss


  • 3 days vigorous activity, 2-3 days light activity (walking, biking, swimming)
  • Variety of training for muscle development as well as reduce fitness boredom
  • Strength training to increase muscle to burn more calories over a lifetime
  • HIIT to increase most calories burnt in a day

Stress Management

  • Learning ways to reduce stress at home and work are extremely important
  • Exercise, mobility and breathing are incorporated to reduce anxiety
  • Journaling, therapy and friend groups are ways to talk about life and work through things.
  • Working on your mindset and only worrying about controlling the things you can control and not letting the things out of your control bother you.


  • Surrounding yourself with people who are chasing the same goals.
  • In social events, making healthy food choices, saying no to alcohol more often than not, going for walks instead of watching tv.
  • Usually you have to drastically reduce how often you eat out as well.

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State of the Art Body Composition Analysis

Heart Rate Tracking

At Game Changing Performance, we are proud to offer access to the revolutionary Wodify Pulse fitness tracking system, giving you complete control over your workout routine and helping you maximize your results like never before. The wearable Pulse tracker is guaranteed to keep your workouts personal, social and FUN!