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What Is Deep Sleep?

What Is Deep Sleep?

Today I wanted to go over our Deep Sleep Gummies. We get a lot of questions from clients about sleep, especially about having trouble falling

GCP Parking Lot Rules

Hey GCP Family,As our complex has grown we have more neighbors which means more parking issues. We always want to work well with our neighbors, especially since we do use a lot of parking spots at certain times of days. Here is the current best solution for parking at our gym. Please pay attention to […]

8 Dimensions of Wellness

  Want to learn about all the different aspects of wellness? Then be able to apply them to your own life!  Game Changing Performance understands how important exercise is for our members. In this seminar, we want to teach the other 8 dimensions of wellness. You will be able to identify the other portions of wellness and […]

How Important is Breakfast?

It’s 6am, the alarm goes off and you know you have three kids to get off to school for the day. Each one has their struggles in the morning and you know how hard it’s going to be. From getting them up to making sure their lunch is packed, and trying to cook breakfast. After […]

Fat Loss Tips: Consistency

Consistency might be the most important word in fat loss. It honestly is the secret sauce. The idea of consistency is being awesome over 7 days at a time, 30 days in a month, 12 months in a year, 40 straight years.  I know that sounds daunting but it’s the honest reality, you can just be […]

Supplement Spotlight: Fat Loss Stack

The star of the show for the month of September is our brand new fat loss supplement stack. Since fat loss (not weight loss) is a very common fitness goal, we have created a bundle of supplements that will help you reach that goal. The reason we are targeting “fat loss” rather than “weight loss” […]